was originally created by Mark Subel, a supporter of local jazz and the city of Columbus, Ohio.

After Mark stepped down, Andrew Patton and frequent collaborator Richard Sanford took over.  Both Andrew and Richard were staples of the scene, and did a huge thing in reaching out to local and national talent.

Now, Alex Burgoyne and Zakk Jones, both musicians in the scene, are at the helm. They’re excited to take the site in a new direction, while still providing high quality calendar information.

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The origins of JazzColumbus date back to 2006, with Mark starting to post articles in 2009. Mark detailed some of the history of the site when Andrew began running it in 2015. Keep reading for Mark’s original goals for the site:

The goal of is to be an online resource for the Columbus and Central Ohio Jazz Community.

The intent of the site is to help foster the growth of the Columbus Jazz community by:

1. Embracing the exceptional jazz culture this area has to offer
2. Educating the community on the rich tradition of jazz music and local jazz history
3. Promoting the persons and places entrenched in the Columbus Jazz scene
4. Providing an online medium for all individuals involved in the Columbus Jazz scene to cultivate their artistic visions to a wider audience

It is our hope that as a result of our commitment:

1. More people will enjoy the outstanding jazz music in the region
2. Jazz clubs, restaurants, and public performance spaces will offer more jazz events, and inspire further jazz venues to open.
3. Jazz musicians will find more jazz gigs available and a wealth of new listeners.
4. Aspiring jazz musicians will be provided more opportunities for education and performance.

The website strives to provide the reader with the most current information regarding live jazz events and activities throughout the Central Ohio region. From local jazz shows to national touring jazz performers, presents the community and world with the current jazz “happenings” in the Columbus area.


  1. You have a great service. Yesterday was the first time that I used it. I never would have the Neww Bsics Brass Band at the India Grill without you. I wanted to hear some jazz for my birthday!

  2. Mark – So glad you made this site. I’ve been trying to get my head around the Columbus jazz scene since moving back to Ohio, and this is quite helpful. I’ll be back often…keep it up! Thanks!

  3. Mr. Subel – Thank you for gleaning the Jazz venues in Columbus! I really appreciate your tremendous effort & beautiful design. This was desperately needed amongst the piles of entertainment rags that don’t necessarily support jazz. Great job!

  4. Planning a visit to Columbus this weekend and always looking for good jazz wherever I go. Good to know jazz is alive in Columbus! This site made it easy to find. Thank you.

  5. friends,

    wanted to thank you for your emails, and your work to support jazz scene in c ohio!

  6. I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to hear Jazz back on the radio.
    I moved hear from Chicago back when Jazz was on the Air and was so disappointed that Columbus didn’t have a station. With the short lived Jazz station do to Clear Channel, it is truly wonderful to hear Jazz again. I hope you can keep the station going and growing.
    If you are looking for more volunteers to help I would like to be part of this grass roots movement to give a rebirth to Jazz in Columbus.
    One last comment how can we have a Jazz and Rib Fest and not have Jazz on the radio to promoter this wonderful art form.

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