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markJazzColumbus.com was originally created by Mark Subel, a supporter of local jazz and the city of Columbus, Ohio. JazzColumbus.com is now owned and operated by Andrew Patton. Today Andrew and Richard Sanford help contribute to the content of the site through articles, calendar updates, interviews, reviews and more.


Andrew Patton is a Columbus native and jazz fan who has loved local jazz since his dad took him to see Honk Wail & Moan at Dick’s Den as a high school graduation present in 1998. He has written about music in town on the internet since 2004, including eight years on the staff of the dearly departed Donewaiting.com. Previous musical activities include over 10 years of playing records in local clubs – mostly funk records with Columbus funk DJ group Funkdefy – and playing baritone sax with local rock bands. He and his wife live in Clintonville.

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The origins of JazzColumbus date back to 2006, with Mark starting to post articles in 2009. Mark detailed some of the history of the site when Andrew began running it in 2015. Keep reading for Mark’s original goals for the site:

The goal of JazzColumbus.com is to be an online resource for the Columbus and Central Ohio Jazz Community.

The intent of the site is to help foster the growth of the Columbus Jazz community by:

1. Embracing the exceptional jazz culture this area has to offer
2. Educating the community on the rich tradition of jazz music and local jazz history
3. Promoting the persons and places entrenched in the Columbus Jazz scene
4. Providing an online medium for all individuals involved in the Columbus Jazz scene to cultivate their artistic visions to a wider audience

It is our hope that as a result of our commitment:

1. More people will enjoy the outstanding jazz music in the region
2. Jazz clubs, restaurants, and public performance spaces will offer more jazz events, and inspire further jazz venues to open.
3. Jazz musicians will find more jazz gigs available and a wealth of new listeners.
4. Aspiring jazz musicians will be provided more opportunities for education and performance.

The website strives to provide the reader with the most current information regarding live jazz events and activities throughout the Central Ohio region. From local jazz shows to national touring jazz performers, JazzColumbus.com presents the community and world with the current jazz “happenings” in the Columbus area.