Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones Concert April 27th

We are very pleased to announce a special concert offering on April 27th, 8 PM at the Columbus Dance Theater:

YeYi: Adam Rudolph – Ralph “Buzzy” Jones Duet
a wordless psalm of prototypical vibrations

Adam Rudolph is a world-renowned hand percussionist. Ralph “Buzzy” Jones is a saxophonist and flutist of the first order. They have been performing as a duo for a long time, but this is a rare Midwest tour.

We have tentatively planned a workshop (# of RSVPs depending…) with Adam and Buzzy that would run from 5:30 – 6:30 PM the day of the concert. Please RSVP if you would like to attend the workshop. A donation of $10-20 is suggested but not required. Read the bottom of this post for some idea about Adam’s workshop approach.

Columbus Dance Theater is at: 592 E. Main St., Columbus OH 43215. This is on the east side of downtown by the I-71/E. Main St. exit. It is a quiet, safe neighborhood with street parking and a lot off the alley out back (Cherry St.)

Tickets for the concert are $15 adults / $7 students. There are pre-sale tickets available for $12 adults / $5 students. If you’d like to buy pre-sale tix, email Gerard Cox at: Payment can be made through PayPal or with cash or check.


Adam Rudolph is a master percussionist who first appeared on record for Herbie Hancock’s collaboration with Foday Musa Suso, and has maintained a long and close association with jazz legend Yusef Lateef.

Since the 1970’s Rudolph has been developing his unique syncretic approach to hand drums in creative collaborations with many masters of cross-cultural and improvised music such as Sam Rivers, Pharaoh Sanders, L. Shankar, and Fred Anderson. He is known especially for his innovative small group and duo collaborations with Don Cherry, Jon Hassel, Wadada Leo Smith, and Omar Sosa.

Ralph “Buzzy” Jones is a woodwinds player who is not only an excellent saxophonist and flautist but also plays a number of exotic woodwinds such as the Ney, hichi-riki, sipsi, and shena. He has performed regularly with Adam Rudolph, and Kevin Eubanks on Sundays at the Jazz Bakery, in Los Angeles. He is a close associate of Yusef Lateef. He is also a regular collaborator of guitarist Stan Smith, and is currently a visiting professor at Oberlin College in Ohio.

Check out Adam’s YouTube channel for lots of cool vids:

“A Percussion wizard”
Down Beat

“Adam Rudolph…reinvents world music for the sophisticated listener.”
New York Times

“An intriguing, and, to these ears, utterly unique aural experience.”


– Adam Rudolph is also an accomplished and empathetic instructor who teaches world music improvisation and composition in Europe and the United States. His rhythm workshops, geared to young and old — with or without musical experience — are designed to help participants “find and develop your own voice with hand drums.” While it may sound unlikely that our hands could lead us to our voice, the path turns out to be a direct one: Because the rhythm and pattern of our movements in the world most often get locked into a limited, stylized mode of expression when we are quite young — learning to hear the infinite variety of rhythmic possibilities outside the tempo of a single culture is a liberating experience with potential repercussions in every area of our lives:

New rhythms break-up old patterns. Participants thus find themselves more able and free to hear and “march to a different drummer. This time, however, the drummer is themselves – responding to the natural rhythms of their own unique being.

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