Arnett Howard and Band at Dick's Den this Wednesday

Local jazz great Arnett Howard will bring his talents and band to Dick’s Den this Wednesday March 16th. Arnett is an accomplished trumpet player, band leader and Columbus jazz historian and famous as the former leader of Arnett Howard’s Creole Funk Band.

Since 1985 Arnett Howard has performed over five thousand concerts to a variety of audiences in Central Ohio and throughout the world. He is an active community servant and official ambassador of Columbus, Ohio, enjoys a fresh adventure each day and is musical historian to Columbus (co-authored Listen For the Jazz: Keynotes in Columbus History) and Ohio. Has recorded numerous compact discs and tape recordings; Arnett Howard’s Creole Funk Band, 1987, Live at Victory’s, 1988, Lancaster Festival Live 1989, Ten For Ten, 1994, Arnett Howard’s Rocket ’88s, 1996, Kidding Around, 1997, Joyful Music, Generous Spirit, 2001, Extended Family, 2002, Final Funk, 2003, Fiyah on the Bayou, 2003, I’m a Walkin’, Talkin’ Pair of Pants, 2003, Elijah’s Wooden Book, 2003, Welcome to the Lancaster Festival 2005, Arnett Howard Christmas 2005.

Arnett Howard on the Web:

Arnett Howard and Band
Dick’s Den, 10pm
2417 North High Street, Columbus Ohio
Wednesday, March 16th

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