Chicago’s Tiger Hatchery, coming to Columbus’ north campus punk bar Cafe Bourbon Street on October 23rd, with Cincinnati’s dirty avant-garde veterans Wasteland Jazz Unit, Strep Torso, and a rare solo show by Mark Van Fleet of local heroes Sword Heaven, have a greater allegiance to noise bands and DIY venuesContinue Reading

For over a decade, Columbus has been lucky enough to periodically play host to internationally acclaimed percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (photo by Peter Gannushkin) in a variety of modes through the good graces of little-sung booking hero Gerard Cox. His show on Wednesday, September 30th, at north campus multipurpose art space Wild Goose Creative (2491Continue Reading

Portuguese artist Rafael Toral (photo by Nuno Martins) has done as much to carve out a space uniquely his in the space where abstract electronic music, modern composition, free jazz and electroacoustic improv collide as anyone I could name. Columbus is lucky to have him return for the first time in 6 yearsContinue Reading