Critically Acclaimed Jazz Vocalist Carmen Lundy to Appear at Jazz & Ribs Festival

Jazz songstress extraordinaire Carmen Lundy and her trio will appear at the Columbus Jazz & Ribs Fest, headlining the North Bank Park Stage of the festival at 9 pm on Friday July 22. The Jazz & Rib Fest is a highly anticipated summertime tradition in Columbus, offering both jazz and rib connoisseurs the finest in music and barbeque for more than thirty years. This show will mark Ms. Lundy’s first visit to Columbus, Ohio, and the outdoor festival styling of the event promises to make the evening an even more special experience. There’s something about a truly gifted jazz vocalist cutting loose on a summer night, cascades of notes wafting through gorgeous warm dark that delights and sets the senses alight. Plus the family-friendly set-up of the Jazz & Ribs Fest means that old and young alike can share in the special sonic moments that great jazz music provides.

Accompanying Carmen on this performance will be Anthony Wonsey on piano, Kenny Davis on bass, and Jamison Ross on drums. Lundy and her band have become road warriors this past year: appearing in two separate engagements at New York City’s famed Blue Note club, at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Detroit, Michigan’s Institute Of Art, and the Artist’s Collective in Hartford, Connecticut, among many others. This past April found Carmen and the trio on the festival circuit in Europe.

Reviewing one of those festival appearances in Bern, Switzerland, critic Tom Gsteiger wrote,

“Since Carmen Lundy oscillates between elegance and risk all the time, she is dependent on high-grade and flexible accompaniment. The pianist Anthony Wonsey and the bassist Darryl Hall are classified as all-around postbop. The young drummer Jamison Ross is at the beginning of his career. Together they are an awesome trio who kept building the momentum throughout the concert until they could hardly be stopped. Continuing in the tradition of Betty Carter and making no concessions to the spirit of the times, Carmen Lundy stands for pure, undiluted jazz.”

Some of the material for her Jazz & Ribs Fest performance will be drawn from Solamante, Lundy’s latest project and her eleventh CD release, which found Carmen not only writing and producing the album, but also playing every note of music for the project. Layering her at times languorous, at times defiant, at virtually all times sublime vocals over the reach of jazz by bringing her own compositions to the table rather than endlessly rehashing the jazz standards of the past – Carmen says,

“People expect for me as a jazz singer to bring a personal and individual interpretation to the standards and nine of my 11 CDs include at least one, so it’s not like I haven’t done them. But now it’s many decades after those songs were written. We’re now at the point where there are two or three new generations of people who are interested in our music.”

Now Wonsey, Davis, Ross, and Lundy combine their talents to expand and refine the ideas and themes presented on Solamente, as well as material from the Live At The Madrid CD and DVD and her earlier releases like 2008’s Come Home or 2003’s Something To Believe In.

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