Dick's Den Residency: Aaron Quinn

As I first mentioned here, Dicks Den started a Wednesday residency program in February. Happy Chichester was the first artist on the schedule, so March marks the first month that the night will be curated by a jazz musician: guitarist Aaron Quinn. He was nice enough to give me insight into his thoughts about his residency and the different shows he has planned via email last week. As you can see below, each week will provide a different experience, with collaborations between performers based in multiple musical genres, not just jazz. All shows start around 9pm and end around 1am, with a $4 cover.

…As far as the residency idea goes, it was all Tim Ackerman (bartender/booking manager at Dick’s Den). He came to me asking if I might be interested, of course I said yes, and there we go.

Yes, each week will feature a different project, with the main goal of promoting new music in an improvisatory setting.

March 5th is a collective trio I have called Liver Quiver with Alex Burgoyne on Saxophone (Splank, Swing is the Thing), and Seth Daily on drums (Fields and Planes, Oliver Oak, The Pleasant Tense, Mosses). All original material from each of us dealing with new improvisatory concepts, and there is no bass player.

The 12th will feature two “indie” bands I’m in called Fields and Planes and Oliver Oak. Oliver Oak will probably play around an hour and 15 minute set, we’ll take a little longer of a break, and then Fields and Planes will finish out the night. All originals, we might do a composition that Chet Baker sings, because it’s awesome.

The 19th is a wild card. We are still working on the concept, but this will be the more “straight-ahead” night of the residency featuring guitarist Tom Davis (who is ridiculous).

Finally, the 26th will feature my Nonet. The nonet features Fran Litterski on Voice (Kid Runner, Fields and Planes), Joe Brenneman on Clarinet (Skashank Redemption, The Dew Droppers), Pete Mills on Saxophone (everything), Jason Branscum on Trombone (Metalbaby), Tony Zilincik on Tuba (also everything), Seth Daily on Vibraphone (Fields and Planes, Oliver Oak, The Pleasant Tense, Mosses), Nate Smith on Bass (also everything), and finally Ryan Jewell on Drums (Mosses, Temple of Ur, among everything else). This band features primarily my originals.

I’m really stoked to be a part of this, and obviously super stoked that I have a month to do whatever I want. I think the big thing here is how great Dick’s Den is. The people doing the residencies are not doing them for a weekly gig, it’s a chance for the individual to work out something that might be new. Dick’s knows who these people are, and they want to help. They know that most venues want to have a certain thing at all times in order to bring in a crowd that is going to keep them financially secure, and also entertain them with music they enjoy. Dick’s is giving us a chance to promote music that might not be financially viable, and that might not have a huge following, but that does exist and needs a home.

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