Dick’s Den Residency: Adam Smith

These days, the start of another month means a new local musician is hosting the Wednesday Residency Series at Dicks Den. The host for the month of May is multi-instrumentalist Adam Smith, a sonic explorer who is a leader and/or member of many jazz and rock (and beyond) groups in Columbus. I am very pleased to once again share with you a detailed rundown of the schedule for each week in the host’s own words:

Adam Smith: “I am putting together some very special shows for my month at Dick’s Den. I am grateful Tim Ackerman and the staff invited me to be a part of the residency. They’re all wonderful people who are very sincere when it comes to their passion for the great music we have in this city. As am I. They have treated me great since my first time performing there. As a result, I am going to try to bring a diverse yet wonderful cast of musicians to each performance.

My first evening on May 7th (9pm to 1am) will be an Electro-Jazz ensemble known as “Continuum.” It was a group I put together with the intent to combine the gifts these specific musicians bring to the table.
Carlos Fisher is on Drums & Electronics. Carlos brings a great deal to this ensemble. He is a master of his craft behind the kit as well as live sequencing, synthesis, soundscapes and interesting loops. The vibe Carlos and I share together is much like instant composing. It’s less about shredding and more about making a song appear in air, giving it plenty of space to breathe and create new life, and then bringing it to that boiling point.
Michael Goecke will be on Trombone, Trumpet, Flutes as well as his wonderful collection of percussion. Michael pulls lots of things into the music that few do. He has a very special dialect with his collection of instruments as well as his use of electronics with them. He is a limitless improviser and can be heard doing so on my newest record “Atmospheres” which can be heard as well as purchased here: http://adamsmith2600.bandcamp.com/album/atmospheres.
Then on Vintage keyboards and Moog Synthesizers will be Jeffro Jam & Myself. From day one Fro and I have had a unspoken bond and chemistry with music and the classic vibe of live sound creation combined with soulful playing.
We are all about the listener and getting the chance to celebrate our love of the 70s with them. Vibe and ambiance is king in this group. As well as continuum. Our first set with this lineup was a four hour nonstop set. So prepare to get into the zone.

My second evening May 14th (9pm to 1am) will be my longest going jazz oriented project in Columbus, my group Descendre, featuring Jim Tussing on Bass, Justin Campbell on Drums, Stan Smith on Guitar, Jason Branscum on Trombone, and myself on Keyboards & Guitar.
To sum up this group in one word, that would most likely be “Epic”. We do all original compositions by each member. Many of them having a film score vibe or an extended form/arrangement.
Yet, again this music is for listeners. Sometimes the pieces are short and concise. Then sometimes they can run beyond the 20 minute mark.
Some pieces can be full of depth and mystery and other full of bounce & light. No matter what directions we go compositionally, the epicenter of Descendre is finding that arc for every tune.
To really get inside the tunes, take them for a ride around the galaxy, and always involve the listeners. We are always knocked out by the great people who have continued to come to our shows.
They have allowed the band and the music to envelope into something very organic and natural to contrast all the supernatural intentions within the compositions.

My third evening May 21st (9pm to 1am) will feature myself on Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass, & Guitar, the amazing Brandon “B-Jazz” Scott on Keyboards, Mike Ealy on Bass, & Robert Riley on Drums.
We have been playing and performing together for the last couple of years. This group will have a more R&B vibe yet rolls thunderously into many other directions.
Rob & B-Jazz have been playing together as long as they have been on the planet and have a synergy that is difficult to put into words. You just need to hear it and feel it.
Mike Ealy is a force and grace of nature. I’m very excited to have Mike a part of the evening. Frankly, he is quite possibly one of my favorite bassists ever. The first time I ever heard this cat, it took me several minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor and get my own thing back together before the gig.
Each are wonderful human beings whose musical voice is truly a natural extension of that. The unity that happens when we all get on is also something to be witnessed.
We will also be bringing a few special guests that evening that will be as fun for us as it will be for the listener.

For my fourth and final evening of May 28th (9pm to 1am), I will be bringing something very special to close the series out.
If you have made it this far, then stay tuned. No reason in giving it all away.

One thing is for certain about Columbus, Ohio and it’s one of the things I am most grateful as well as proud to be a part of here, no matter what kind of music you are into: jazz, rock and roll, indie, avant-garde, punk, metal, crust, bluegrass, electronic, funk, neo-soul, hip-hop, classical, singer/songwriter etc etc, you can walk right out your door and in minutes be fully immersed in some truly amazing, diverse, and gifted musicians and artists in this city.
Not only that, it’s truly INEXPENSIVE to enjoy it here. This is a very fortunate community here. I have been around this planet with music and few places I have been have this much to offer without the high price tag or pretense. To get to live and continue my work with music & production here has been a great blessing to me and something I am always eager to celebrate and push the boundaries of.”

Here are a few videos to give you a hint of what to expect:



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