Dick’s Den Residency: Danny Bauer

The Dick’s Den Wednesday Residency program will close 2017 in fine fashion with a December installment led by Danny Bauer. While modern fusion outfit Safety Squad is perhaps Bauer’s best known band (stay tuned for upcoming news on its own exciting December!), the prolific keyboardist is taking this opportunity to delve into newer and less heard projects that showcase his compositions and arrangements along with a wide range of talented Columbus musicians. Each Wednesday’s show will start around 9:30pm, and cover is $5. Keep reading for lineup details and thoughts on each week’s band from Danny Bauer:

Wednesday, December 6th: – Danny Bauer Trio featuring Tony McClung and Jeff Ciampa

Tony and Jeff are two of the older musicians in town that I look up to, and I am excited to be presenting a night of trio music with them. We will be playing mostly jazz standards, and maybe some pop music as well.

December 13th: – Quintet featuring Zakk Jones, Alex Burgoyne, Ryan Folger, and Eli Chambers

This is a modified version of my bassless quartet. Before Ryan moved to Texas, this group played mostly originals by Folger and myself, where I played Rhodes and Moog and covered the bass lines. Ryan will be back in town from Texas for the holidays and I am excited to get to play with him again, and I wanted to add Eli to the gig. Eli and I started playing together when we did Matthiessen’s Vulfpeck gig and we have really hit it off musically. This will be mostly original music from myself and Ryan.

December 20th: – Columbus Video Game Ensemble Christmas Edition Featuring Zakk Jones, Andrew Willard, and Matthiessen Nisch Quan

The Columbus Video Game Ensemble is my newest project, starting in February of this year. This band is a lot of fun, with 4 keyboards, guitar, and drums, we play music and themes from iconic video game series like Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Sonic. Since this is the Wednesday before Christmas, in addition to our usual repertoire we will be playing some Winter and Holiday level songs from different video games.

December 27th: – Wake Fold Featuring Zakk Jones, Will Strickler, Matthiessen Nisch Quan, Alex Burgoyne, and Chase Potter

Wake Fold was my band in College, with a quartet line up of Zakk, Will, and Matthiessen. We spent many many hours in Capital’s rehearsal rooms working on all sorts of different music, and really grew and developed together. Since graduating, Wake Fold is a project that we do about once or twice a year, usually adding a horn player or two. For this one we decided to have Alex play, and we are excited that Chase Potter is in town to join us, too! This will be funky original music, and maybe a few imaginative covers.”

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