Dick's Den Residency: Justin Campbell

The Wednesday Residency Program at Dick’s Den has returned in February after a January hiatus. This time, the performances are being led by all-star local drummer Justin Campbell, who is active in countless bands of many descriptions throughout the area. His residency kicked off on February 4th with a trio that featured Brett Burleson and Doug Neel swapping guitar and bass duties, and also included sit-ins from guitarists Paul Brown and Aditya Jayanthi. In between his many gigs and his real estate business, Campbell found time to share details on the remainder of the residency:

On Wednesday, February 11th, Campbell will play in a quartet with keyboardist Brandon “B-jazz” Scott, bassist Mike Ealy, and tenor saxophonist Eddie Bayard. The material for the evening will include some of B-jazz’s signature jazz/hip-hop fusion tunes, as well as some Campbell originals with more of a straight ahead focus. Campbell anticipates some impromptu jams as well, so expect the unexpected with these great players together.

February 18th brings fusion group Descendre to the stage, featuring Adam Smith on keyboards, Stan Smith on guitar, and Jim Tussing on bass. The band will play some of their usual songbook, but Campbell will also add some of his own new compositions to put a new spin on the group’s expansive sound.

The lineup for February 25th is still in the late planning stages, but a piano trio is likely. Stay tuned for updates.

The tagline Campbell gave me for his residency is “Good music guaranteed,” so come on down to Dick’s for some relaxed gatherings of intense talent. The residency program will continue to roar through 2015, with the currently booked jazz portion of the schedule as follows:

April: Ryan Jewell
May: Tom Davis
June: John Allen
August: Zakk Jones

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