Dick's Den Residency: Linda Dachtyl

The Wednesday residency schedule at Dick’s Den continues its hot streak with an April lineup booked by multi-instrumentalist Linda Dachtyl. While Dachtyl is best known as a top-flight organist in jazz circles, she is also a talented drummer and percussionist and is active in multiple genres. For her residency, she will showcase her organ chops in various jazz, R&B, soul and rock settings, and will also take a turn behind by the drum set, always joined by other great players. In a treat for early risers, every Wednesday show in April will run from 8:30pm – 12:30am, and the cover is always $4. Keep reading for details on each week’s show from Dachtyl:

Linda Dachtyl: I would like to thank Dick’s Den for inviting me to do the Wednesday series this month. Dick’s Den has always been a favorite spot of mine to hear and play music. They launched my jazz organ band in 2001 with the first gigs I played in that genre and have been extremely supportive concerning my work all these years. My latest jazz organ CD, A Late One, features photos taken by Chuck Hockenheimer at “The One and Only.” Here are some details on the shows:

Wednesday, April 6th: Linda Dachtyl B3 Quartet www.facebook.com/LindaDachtyl
We will be featuring tunes from my 3 national releases on Chicken Coup/Summit Records (Blue Bop, For Hep Cats and A Late One) and some other jazz organ standards of various styles ranging from shuffles to Latin to funk.

Linda Dachtyl-Hammond organ
Fred Gablick- saxophones
Don Hales-guitar
Cary Dachtyl-drums

April 13th: Linda Dachtyl with The Chip Willis Group www.facebook.com/chipwillismusic
Chip and I started working together in 2013 when I joined his group. He is also featured on vocals and tenor sax on the tune “Don’t Misunderstand” on my latest release A Late One. The music will draw from old school RnB, jazz, and blues standards.

Linda Dachtyl-Hammond organ, backing vocals
Chip Willis-lead vocals, tenor saxophone
Gregg Shively-guitar, backing vocals
Cary Dachtyl-drums, backing vocals

April 20th: Eskip www.facebook.com/eSkipband
Eskip is an eclectic art rock band that is co-led by me and multi-intrumentalist and frontman Larry Smith, who I have worked with for several years in various settings. We draw from all our collective musical influences to write new music, cover our favorites with a Vanilla Fudge/early Yes type treatment on arrangements on some and on others, covering the tunes in the standard ways. Material draws from over half of the list being original tunes from all members of the band, and at this time, covers drawn from The Moody Blues, David Bowie, Genesis, The Beatles, and Sting, but the list is always growing concerning everything we do. We are currently in the studio working on our first CD release.

Larry Smith-lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion
Linda Dachtyl- Hammond organ, electric piano, mellotron, synths, backing vocals
Jim Hamilton-lead guitar
Dave Williams-bass, backing vocals
Cary Dachtyl-drums, percussion, backing vocals

April 27th: Jazz Quartet, led by Don Hales
I also have worked for many years as a drummer in public and private settings. Currently, I am the drummer in the popular local hard rock cover band Uncle Fester. Before that I played with the Walt James Band, a hard rock original band that drew from influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Rush, and a hard rock cover band that was popular in the 90s, Pearl Alley. I also have worked as a jazz drummer, most publicly with Mary Daniels in Moxie for several years, in a number of private country clubs over the years, and also work as section percussionist from time to time in local orchestras and with the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus.

Don Hales-guitar
Ed Moed-piano
Steve Perakis-bass
Linda Dachtyl-drums

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