Dick's Den Residency: Paul Brown

As a strong finale to 2015, December’s Dick’s Den Wednesday residency will present guitarist Paul Brown (photo by Kevin Knapp) in a reprise of his first time participating in the series in September 2014. Like his first installment, Brown will bring a breadth of talent and material to the cozy stage. The schedule includes two weeks of his long-running fusion outfit, Paul Brown’s Science Gravy Orchestra, along with some special collaborations. Each week’s show will start between 9:30 and 10pm, and cover is $4. Keep reading for more details from Brown.

December 2nd and December 9th will feature Paul Brown’s Science Gravy Orchestra, where Brown will be joined by Max Button (drums), Nate Smith (bass) and Ted Royalty (vibes). The programs for these shows will consist of mainly original compositions, highlighting Brown’s take on the jazz fusion sound.

The band for December 16th will be a sextet, with Brown and Aaron Quinn on guitar joined by a string quartet of Erin Gilliland (violin), Chase Potter (violin), Chris Saetti (viola) and John Koon (cello). The group will perform original works by Brown and Quinn.

For an early Christmas treat, Brown tells me that December 23rd “will feature Murder Ballads, Christmas Songs, and me. And that’s all I have to say about that. No peeking!” This week’s show is cancelled due to health issues.

December 30th will find a jazz quartet on the stage when Brown is joined by Brett Burleson (guitar), Greg Wolfram (bass), and Ryan Jewell (drums). The band will play a mix of originals and arrangements.

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