Dick’s Den Residency: Ted Royalty

The Dick’s Den Wednesday Residency program keeps rolling into the fall with an adventurous and exotic October slate led by talented veteran percussionist Ted Royalty. Royalty has led a distinguished career behind the drums, vibraphone, steel drums and more with a wide variety of long-running bands in Columbus and beyond, including leading “Tropicalbedlamcore” band Apocalypso (see below). Royalty was very kind to provide his thoughts on each week’s band, so keep reading to learn much more. Each Wednesday’s show will start about 10pm, and cover is $5. Drop by Dick’s on Wednesdays in October for diverse sounds – from standards to tropical to fusion to Apocalypso – delivered by many of Columbus’ finest musicians!

Wednesday, October 3rd: Tropical Night

We’ve been doing Tropical Night for about 15 years now. With the pans, aka steel drums, anything Island flavor goes, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Latin Jazz & select Pop. When I get to play vibes too, we open it up to playing whatever we want. Hmm, Pat Metheny, Sergio Mendez, how about the Police? I first met bass player, Scott Gold, while playing together at the late, great Kahiki Restaurant. I realized, Damn, this guy’s awesome! He has a deep background of playing diverse styles and a history of playing with local, national & international greats like Yumbambe, Liza Minelli, the Fifth Dimension & Arturo Sandoval. The guy is also hilarious! His extensive touring with the backing bands of comedy legends, including Milton Berle, may have something to do with that. Drummer, Shane Willis, is a spectacular, well rounded musician who can play any type of gig. Shane has played many Jazz festivals and performances around the US and Caribbean. He plays with Yumbambe, Jazz trumpeter David Wells and he freelances with other Latin, Afro-Cuban, Rock, Fusion and Jazz groups. He’s also played with internationally known steel drummer & Weather Report veteran, Othello Molineaux. We often play as a trio. Sometimes we’re joined by the fantastic and diverse, Larry Marotta, on guitar. But this time, we’re fortunate to be playing with saxophonist/flutist/woodwind player, Kris Keith. Kris is all over the place, and for good reason. You could hear him with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Hoo Doo Soul Band, La Charanga Tres, Minan-Dya and many more stellar bands. Sometimes, we even play original tunes. It’s always a joy to play with these guys.

Kris Keith – saxophone, woodwinds
Scott Gold – bass
Shane Willis – drums
Ted Royalty – steel drums, vibraphone

October 10th: Roger Hines, Joe Nelson, Tim Perdue, Ted Royalty

I’m fortunate to be playing with Roger Hines. As a long time veteran with national & international acts such as Ray Charles, Diane Schuur, Ernie Krivda and Hank Marr, it’s no secret, Roger is a Jazz, Blues & Soul master. This guy can play anything. He’s got some great touring stories too! I’ve known and played with drummer, Joe Nelson, for many years now. He’s a great player in many styles, including Afro-Cuban and Brazilian. You can find him with the Center Trio, Hypnotide, the Afro-Brazilian Project and more. I appreciate how Joe doesn’t allow genre distinctions to get in the way of his music enjoyment. You may even witness us playing an 80’s New Wave classic. Tim Perdue is joining us for a set. Tim is a tasteful, talented trumpet player. You can find him with Honk, Wail & Moan, the New Basics Brass Band, Hoo Doo Soul Band and more. I’ve always enjoyed the unique timbre of steel drums and trumpet, or saxophone. We’ll be playing Jazz standards and tunes from Dizzy to Monk to Sonny Rollins to Wayne Shorter to Bob Marley and Belafonte, including a few of mine. This get together is not a regular act for us, so I hope you enjoy our experimenting with these tunes and sounds. Special guest TBA.

Roger Hines – bass
Joe Nelson – drums
Tim Perdue – trumpet
Ted Royalty – steel drums, vibraphone

October 17th: Apocalypso

This is the one deviation from my residency. Apocalypso had this date on the books a long time ago, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Calypso T: Yes, happy to return to The One And Only. There’s no place we’d rather play when we’re in Columbus. We were raised on Black Sabbath and we’re all fascinated, obsessed with Trini steel & style. We’re the best Tropicalbedlamcore band in the country.

Gnasty Gnic: What T said. Dick’s is a place of myth and legend, like Columbus’ own Broceliande or something. Also, why not?

Calypso T – steel drums
Gnasty Gnic – bass
Larry “the Unspeakable Axe” Marotta – guitar
Shane “Skydiver” Willis – drums


October 24th: Paul Brown’s Science Gravy Orchestra

I first heard Paul Brown play back in the early 90’s. He was playing with the bands Flat Earth and his Science Gravy Orchestra, which included musicians Tony McClung, Christian Howes and Andy Woodson. Witnessing at the late, great Stache’s, my mind was sufficiently blown! Original music and challenging Fusion covers, a la Miles, etc at the highest level of musicianship, with passion, it was intense! Paul still is intense and he writes great tunes. When he asked me to play vibraphone with the Science Gravy Orchestra, I was thrilled to pieces. We’ll be doing it again in good hands, with stellar cats, Nate Smith and Maxwell Button.

Paul Brown – guitar
Nate Smith – bass
Maxwell Button – drums
Ted Royalty – vibraphone

October 31st: Utter Space

Utter Space is the brainchild of Hans Utter, guitarist and sitarist. Hans is a PhD ethnomusicologist who has traveled extensively throughout India, studying with Indian classical sitar masters, including Ustad Shujaat Khan. Utter Space had a weekly gig and jam session at Rafters for a couple years which included Hans on electric guitar, funky bass player Billy Zehnal, dazzling veteran Columbus Jazz piano player Ed Moed, and myself on drumset. The band plays Hans’ original tunes including a healthy dose of Jazz, Blues & Funk. We’ll be playing those tunes, including Indian Fusion music from Hans’ band, Chakra. Busy and talented Columbus bass player, Brad Mellen, will join us for this one. Special guests TBA.

Hans Utter – guitar, sitar
Brad Mellen – bass
Ed Moed – keys
Ted Royalty – drums

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