Dick’s Den Residency: Will Strickler

The Dick’s Den Wednesday Residency program continues into its 5th year in 2018, providing Columbus musicians the opportunities to showcase new projects in a relaxed environment and Columbus audiences the chance to hear lineups that they might not otherwise. Starting the year off on the right note is January host, bassist Will Strickler. He will feature his main jazz group, The WS Collective, as well as other projects delving into a variety of styles with a selection of talented collaborators. Each Wednesday’s show will start around 9pm, and the cover is $5. Strickler was kind enough to provide insight on each week’s show – keep reading for full details.

Wednesday, January 3rd: Trio (+1)

w/ Willie Barthel III (drums), Andrew Willard (piano/organ) & special guest Rachel Sepulveda (vocals)

After the festivities of the new year, we’ll be keeping it laidback for the night, exploring jazz standards as a trio. First set will feature Rachel Sepulveda joining us to sing tunes by Jerome Kern, Bill Evans, Victor Young and more.

January 10th: Quartet

w/ Danny Bauer (synth/keys), Max Button (drums) & Alex Burgoyne (sax)

The bands that inspired me to play music (guitar and later bass) were bands like Black Sabbath, The Casualties & The Dead Kennedys. This night will be an exploration of those metal and punk music elements mixed with avant-garde and experimental jazz music. I’ve reworked a couple of my own compositions with a heavy dose of drop-tuned distorted bass guitar, and we’ll be playing songs by artists such as Ornette Coleman and Cuong Vu.

January 17th: Latin Jazz 6tet

w/ Nate Parker (drums), Max Marsillo (percussion), Anthony Stanco (trumpet), Kevin O’Neill (sax/flute) & Ben Maloney (piano)

I visited Cuba back in 2013 and fell in love with the music there, which isn’t surprising, as I’ve always liked music people can dance to. I’ve played with all these players before, but this will be the first time in this format. We’ll be playing tunes by Paquito D’Rivera, Edward Simon, Tito Puente and more. Ben and I have known each other since we were 7 years old playing soccer together, and he’s shown me a lot of cool tunes over the past years, many of which I never had the opportunity to play, until I put this group together.

January 24th: The Super Tub Funk 12tet

w/ Matthiessen Nisch Quan (drums), Max Marsillo (percussion), Andrew Willard (synth/organ), Jordan Millisor (guitar), Nick Simko (trumpet), Justin Dickson (sax), Elaine Mylius (trombone), Zakk Jones (guitar), Emily Syring (vocals) & Jenny Flory (vocals)

Since graduating Capital University, the Tubs (Andrew, Jordan, Matthiessen and I) have been the backing band for a variety of pop singers, including Grammy-winning artist Daya, finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” Chris Jamison and more. In our off time, we play at local bars around town, covering songs by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and more. For this gig, I added a three piece horn section, extra percussion and guitar and two singers, to play a mix of classic and modern funk, Motown and soul, as well as an original or two.

January 31st: The WS Collective

w/ Danny Bauer (keys), Matthiessen Nisch Quan (drums), Alex Burgoyne (sax), Zakk Jones (guitar), Emily Syring (vocals) & Eric Rollin (emcee.)

The WS Collective is the main jazz group I’ve been leading for the past two years. The first set will feature Columbus based Emcee Eric Rollin (of Mistar Anderson) on odd meter jazz/hip-hop grooves. Second set features Emily Syring singing tunes by Becca Stevens, Gretchen Parlato and a couple twists on jazz standards. Third set will be a variety of instrumental originals and tunes by modern jazz stars such as Joshua Redman and Matt Savage.

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