Dick’s Den Residency: Zakk Jones

The fifth year of the Dick’s Den Wednesday Residency Program continues its steady pace with a March schedule helmed by guitarist Zakk Jones. Jones’ growing resume includes working with a slew of the region’s best musicians in a variety of styles, and he will showcase some of those collaborations and that versatility this month. Jones was kind enough to provide details on each week’s show, so keep reading to learn more. Please note that due to a previously scheduled event on March 7th, the residency actually starts on a FRIDAY, March 9th (10pm – 2am), but the remaining 3 performances are on Wednesdays, 9:30pm to 1:30am. The cover each week is $5.

Zakk Jones: “I’m honored yet again to have a residency at the One and Only and I hope to share a really unique and special program of music each week.

FRIDAY, March 9th: The music of Thelonious Monk

Monk, for me, has been pivotal in my musical journey as he was one of the first jazz musicians I ever started listening to. Although I’ve been an ardent fan, I haven’t spent nearly as much time learning his music until last year after getting into two (in particular) guitar trio albums that are centered in Monk compositions; Peter Bernstein – Monk and Bobby Broom – Bobby Broom Plays for Monk. After hearing these tunes translated through the guitar I always had a vision of forming a pianoless group, giving me the (fun) challenge of being the sole chordal instrument and playing these quirky yet lyrical melodies with respect to tradition while pushing their boundaries. I was honored to line up 3 musicians who I have seen previously play an evening of all Thelonious Monk tunes, and I know their talents and endless creativity will inspire me and hopefully everyone listening. You’ll hear a wide variety of Monk’s music, ranging from his most well known to a few compositions that I have rarely found recordings of, it’s sure to be a fantastic start to my residency!

Personnel: Derek Dicenzo (bass), Michael Cox (saxophones), Maxwell Button (drums & cymbals)

WEDNESDAY, March 14th: Palm Grease: The funky music of Herbie Hancock

After getting confirmation of my residency I knew immediately that I wanted to have a night steeped in funk, synthesizers and percussion, and I couldn’t think of anything besides Herbie Hancock that would fit better! For the past year or so I have been really into his funk/rock/soul records specifically from the early/mid 70’s. The music is deep, patient, and complicated in ways that don’t obstruct the pure stanky FUNK. I decided to present the entirety of two of his iconic records from this period, Head Hunters (1973) and Thrust (1974). The other set will be selections from a couple other albums from the era, and a special vocal tune (thankfully I’m not the one singing!) As with all of my ventures I want to do my best to respect the tradition and compositions, while reaching new heights and not “recreating” anything. This will be a memorable evening with a ridiculous lineup, I’m just along for the ride!

Personnel: Jeff Ciampa (bass), Matthiessen Nisch Quan (drums), Max Marsillo (percussion), Justin Dickson (woodwinds/EWI/etc.), Andrew Willard (keyboards), Tony Rice (sound)

WEDNESDAY, March 21st: Free Jazz/Improvisations

I have always been impressed and taken aback by musical improvisers in the ‘free’ realm, and over the years I’ve been grateful to have had my own experiences with it on the bandstand. I wanted to push deeper, and include one set that will be almost entirely improvised and/or with little direction beforehand. Other parts of the evening will have music by Ornette Coleman, George Russell, Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman and more. One of the things I’ve admired and learned about this style of playing is that every element of music can be used as a tool to improvise with; tone, timbre, mood, dynamics, and of course harmony, melody and rhythm are all up for grabs (or not!). Joining me will be some of my closest musical collaborators as well as a new one or two! For obvious reasons, you’ll be hearing some music that will never occur again, which I think is pretty special.

Personnel: Danny Bauer (keyboards), Maxwell Button (drums & cymbals), Bradley Mellen (bass), Alex Burgoyne (alto sax), Hasan Abdur-Razzaq (woodwinds), and Nick Simko (trumpet)

WEDNESDAY, March 28th: The expanded DBQ

The Danny Bauer Quartet has been an ongoing project that embraces the music of modern living jazz musicians and our own original compositions. It is also unique in that it is bassless, with Danny mostly covering the lower register with a Moog synthesizer. It’s an incredibly fun and comfortable group, and I see no better way to finish out my residency! Tunes from Chris Potter, Alex Sipiagin, Dave Holland, and many more will be heard. Typically the group features one horn but I really wanted the phenomenal trumpet player Anthony Stanco involved, so the DBQ (quartet) turns into the DBQ (quintet!). Expect an evening of recklessness and fun.

Personnel: Danny Bauer (keyboards), Matthiessen Nisch Quan (drums), Alex Burgoyne (saxophone), Anthony Stanco (trumpet)”

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