DW6 Bids Columbus Farewell

The top local jazz story of 2014 so far is the imminent departure of Jon Lampley, Chris Ott, and Dan White, the creative nucleus of the Dan White Sextet aka DW6, as they move to New York City to further their careers. In their four years as a band, DW6 has released two full-length albums, as well as recorded a forthcoming third album (Your Song), and has played many fantastic shows across town and around the region. Before they leave at the end of the month, the band will play two farewell shows: this Saturday, the 15th, at Dicks Den, and next Saturday, the 22nd, at Natalie’s.

Jon, Chris, and Dan were nice enough to answer a few questions via email this week about their plans:

JazzColumbus (JC): Congratulations on your move to NYC! What neighborhood are you moving to, and will you be living with other musicians/friends?

Jon, Chris & Dan (DW6): We are moving to Brooklyn. Jon, Chris and (Dan) will be living together.

JC: Was it difficult to make the decision to move? Were there multiple factors that you had to account for?

DW6: It was difficult, the closer we get to leaving it becomes clearer how much we are going to miss in Columbus. There were many factors in our decision to move. I think the three of us have always wanted to move there and have seen it as a creative center where we want to live and work. Yes, the cost of living is much higher than pretty much anywhere else but it is also a place where you are surrounded by the world’s best in every form of art. We are at a point in our careers where we want to write and perform as much as possible. There is a constant reminder of humanity in a place like New York. We are all opportunists and I think that will definitely help inspire us constantly.

Columbus has been such a supportive and positive place for us to grow the past 7 years. We have many friends and loved ones in Ohio who make it more than hard to leave. Moving is difficult on many levels. There is a very real risk for us. We all know it and it has helped us focus our efforts and it has motivated us for sure. We all also know that this is the best time for the move.

JC: Do you have any big plans upon arrival, or are you guys aiming more to get acclimated to your new situation and build from there?

DW6: Our biggest plans are actually tours outside of New York City. We will be booking clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Actually, for the three of us the first show in NYC will be as the horns for Columbus-based singer Jared Mahone. Joining a new scene takes a while, we don’t expect everything all at once. We have many musician friends who live there. We will be relying on them for the first few months to help us acclimate.

JC: What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment in your time in Columbus, individually and/or as a group?

DW6: Developing a musical identity and being able to spread joy to our listeners who have given us so much support.

JC: Though I’m sure your farewell shows will rank highly, are there are any shows that stand out as your favorite from your time here? Maybe favorite venues?

DW6: Dick’s Den has always been our favorite venue in town. Our favorite show was definitely a house show in the basement of our old apartment where Gordon Gee showed up to promote Jon’s new album.

JC: What are your goals with the move and for the next several years?

DW6: We want to share our music as much as possible while challenging ourselves along the way. We want to continue to play at intimate venues, large venues and parties. Playing for new audiences is a big goal for us. We want to tour internationally in the near future. Above all we want to continue to write, teach and perform our music as much as possible.

JC: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

DW6: This Saturday we’re at Dick’s Den and next week we are at Natalie’s. This coming September we will be giving the first public performance of Your Song in Columbus.

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