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Espresso Yourself Music Cafe to Close September 30th

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by Mark Subel on July 26, 2011

It’s with great sadness to announce the upcoming closing of local music cafe and venue, Espresso Yourself Music Cafe. Owner and musician Eric Ahlteen announced in an email to musicians today about the closing of the Cafe on September 30th, 2011. The email indicated:

To my favorite musicians,

I wanted to let you know first, that due to my hip condition (I need a hip replacement but have no insurance) and tough economic times (rent is going up again) I will be closing Espresso Yourself Music Cafe on Sept. 30th.

In the past four and a half years Ben and I have had the awesome opportunity to host music shows here. We have met so many cool people and heard alot of great music. Even though I have lost most everything trying to keep this place alive I have gained much more in friends and culture and I wanted to personally thank you for that experience and journey. My plan is to get off my feet and legs for 6 months and see if my hip gets better. During that time I’ll write songs, write the coffee shop book of characters and take everyone that gets the newsletter and visits my website on a journey of finding a new space closer to Clintonville or North Campus area. I also hope to put together shows at a couple of venues yet to be announced.

Eric and Espresso Yourself has been a supporting venue of many great musicians over the years since it opened in Powell. Eric often opening his doors to local high school & college musicians or singer/songwriters looking to get off the ground and perform live. In an effort to say “thank you” to a venue and individuals that have helped grow and support the local music scene (and many jazz musicians) please find some time between now and September 30th to stop in to Espresso Yourself Music Cafe.

Thank you for your support of local music Eric!

Espresso Yourself Music Cafe
50 West Powell Road
Powell, OH 43065-8714

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