Weekly Flashlighter – 1/15/20

Welcome to our new weekly called Flashlighter. Here, we’re going to highlight a few local shows, Thursday through Sunday, that we’re excited about. If you’d like your event to be featured in the future, let us know!

Thursday – 1/16/2020 – Zakk

Joey Skoch Trio @ Jazz Academy – 7pm (Free, all ages)

Cleveland native Joey Skoch leads his piano trio for an evening of stellar jazz at 4th Floor Live. The trio features Chicago-based musicians Dennis Carroll and George Fludas, both of whom are known for their work with master guitarist Bobby Broom. Joey was a classmate of mine at Capital University and his playing speaks for itself, filled with maturity, fearless improvising and patience. This kicks off the 2020 4th Floor Live series hosted at the Jazz Academy and curated by Zakk Jones (myself) and Terrance Charles Farmer. 

Soul Revival @ Blue Velvet Room – 8pm ($15, $5 for students, all ages)

SOUL REVIVAL brings the classic sounds of R&B and soul and blends them with jazz to create music with an undeniable groove! Featuring Rob Dixon (saxophone), Dwight Adams (trumpet), Kevin Turner (guitar), Robert Mason (organ) and James Gaiters (drums, leader).  The Blue Velvet Room is quickly becoming known as a go-to listening room for all the local jazz you know and love. 

Birdshack @ Rumba Cafe – 8pm ($8, $10 under 21)

Legendary local trio “Birdshack” (Tony McClung, Jeff Ciampa and Jim Ed Cobbs) brings its unique and forward-thinking sound to Rumba Cafe with an expanded lineup featuring Parker Louis, Eric Rollin and Redsun. This one-time happy hour offering will see a mashup of jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul and electronica music…drummer Tony McClung says “We literally don’t know what’s going to happen until we get onstage but I have a hunch that there will be some magic.” 

Friday – 1/17/2020 – Alex

BC6 (Ben Crowder) & Dr. Beat (Dan Fox) @ Brothers Drake – 8PM ($5)

Double jazz bill alert! Two horn-laden sextets for your listening pleasure at Brothers Drake Meadery. Dan Fox has a new band called Dr. Beat. We don’t know much about it, but the band, featuring Jevaughn Bogard (tenor saxophone), Frank Walton (trumpet), Joey Blake (alto saxophone), Tim Dvorkin (keyboard), Deivi Terrero (bass), and led by drummer Dan Fox, sounds to us like a good thing waiting to happen. 

Ben Crowder brings the BC6 and new original music and arrangements inspired by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers as well as the Benny Golson/Art Farmer Jazztet. Featuring Ian Harrah (trumpet), Pete Mills (tenor saxophone), David Swank (keyboard), Nathan Smith (bass), Maxwell Button (drums), and Ben doing the heavy lifting on pencil and staff paper as well as trombone. Ben has been away on assignment in Cincinnati, and we’re looking forward to what he’s got going on with this great band. You mead it!

Ken Weaver Quartet @ Blu Note Jazz Cafe – 8PM ($10)

Ken and a few of his longtime collaborators are doing their Smooth Jazz, funk, R&B inspired thing Friday. Featuring, Neal Cobb (drums) Melvin Stewart (bass) and Brandon Howard (keyboards), Ken and the band have been slinging their particular brand of fusion in different assortments for 40 years! Go check this Columbus staple out at the new hippest venue on the block. 

Stan Smith & Friends @ Streetlight Guild – 8PM ($8)

The return of Stan’s brother Breeze brings the beginning of a busy January, and what better way to start than with this band. Streetlight Guild says it very nicely: “Out of this world guitarist Stan Smith returns to Streetlight Guild leading a band of awesome co-pilots: Breeze Smith (drums & stuff), Steve Perakis (bass), Michael Alan Cundiff (poetry, singing bowls, noise makers), and featuring special guest Hasan Abdur-Razzaq (saxophones).Always delivering a set that flies in the face of genre and transports audiences, Smith promises a great time to be had by all.”

Saturday – 1/18/20 – Zakk

Fo/Mo/Deep @ Natalie’s Musical Hall & Kitchen (Grandview) – 8pm

Fo/Mo/Deep is a Jazz/Funk/Fusion Trio based out of Columbus, OH. The groove is rooted in the experimental school of the 70s…a time when jazz, soul and funk were one and the same. Seeking to defy the ordinary, this diverse trio of seasoned pros keeps things stirred up with unpredictable energy that moves. Catch them at this stellar new venue in Grandview! 

Trutone @ Dick’s Den – 9:30pm

Trutone is at the legendary Dick’s Den for another night of fresh jazz.  New tunes, new faces, new drummer Jacob Ellzey, hot off our recent engagement at Blue Note Jazz Cafe. Trutone is a modern music quintet featuring seasoned veteran musicians from all over Ohio. 

Sunday – 1/19/20 – Alex

Doug Neel w/ Brett Burleson @ Giant Eagle Market District (Bexley) – 11:30AM (free!)

Doug and Brett slinging guitar lines for the Chicken and Waffles crowd in Bexley. The second floor restaurant in a Giant Eagle is a surprisingly nice place to hear jazz, particularly with Doug and Brett at the helm. Do yourself and whoever you decide to bring with you a favor and check this out. 

Bobby Floyd Trio @ Blue Velvet Room – 6PM –  ($15, $5 for students)

Not a lot needs to be said about Bobby and his trio. They’ve had a regular Sunday gig somewhere in town for a long time, and for good reason. The Blue Velvet Room and Bobby are a perfect pair, and with bandmates Derek DiCenzo (guitar) and Reggie Jackson (drums), this is a no brainer. 

Hoodoo Soul Band @ Rumba Cafe – 10PM ($8 – tickets go fast so get there early or buy online!)

Another longtime band that has a membership too long to list, Hoodoo always has a packed house at Rumba, and always delivers a great time. Their short and to the pointt band description is, “Funk, Rhythm and Blues since 1995, every Sunday @ Rumba Cafe on Summit.” If you’re looking for a machine to shake your hips, this is the machine for you.

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