Fo/Mo/Deep Celebrates Gail Burkholder and WCBE tonight at Dick's Den

Local jazz funk group, Fo/Mo/Deep, celebrates the birthday of local jazz ambassador, Gail Burkholder, with a live show tonight at Dick’s Den. The event is a dual celebration of Gail’s birthday and helping to support a local radio station, WCBE. Gail will be present tonight asking anyone willing to “shake out your pockets and fill the spare change jar for WCBE while we dance the night away!” WCBE has been a proud supporter of local jazz and features the music of local Columbus jazz musicians on its weekly “Jazz Sunday” program. Gail sits in as DJ on the weekly show promoting the local jazz shows for the week and featuring local jazz artists on the airwaves.

Jazz Sunday is one of just many ways Gail Burkholder helps promote the local jazz scene in Columbus. Gail frequents numerous local jazz shows throughout the year and helps to spread the word of our local jazz talent here through social media, radio, newspaper, and by any means possible. So tonight, local jazz groovy, funky band, Fo/Mo/Deep helps to give back for all that Gail has done for the local jazz scene in Columbus. Join them in celebrating Gail’s birthday, community radio, and local jazz music in Columbus!

More About Fo/Mo/Deep:

fo/mo/deep = An Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective.

Exciting audiences and making new fans where ever they perform – fo/mo/deep, cooks up a tasty and interesting fusion of flavors including but not limited to: Jazz, Neo-Soul, Funk, Afro-Beat & World Grooves.

“You couldn’t have put together a more diverse group of Cats. They all have something interesting to say & contribute to this music. That’s what I love most – it’s like a rich Gumbo or Masala – different all the time and ALWAYS tasty.”

Says, Bassist & Bandleader, Ron Holmes Jr.

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