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Columbus Friends:

JazzArtsGroup.org – Dedicated to the advancement of the art of jazz through education and performance, in Columbus Ohio.

Cringe.com – The Definitive Live music resource for Columbus Ohio

http://www.columbusjazzradio.com/ – Internet Jazz Radio in Columbus, Ohio

CowTownMusic.com – Columbus music website


Stanton’s Sheet Music

Tobriscus.com – Internet Jazz Radio stationed in Columbus, Ohio

TravelingOnTastebuds.com – Great local food blogger in Columbus.

Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club

Mobile Website Builder – Local Columbus Mobile Website company helping companies create a mobile version of their website.

Jazz Friends:

http://www.nighttowncleveland.com/ – The Premier Jazz Club in Cleveland, Ohio. Downbeat Magazine Top 100 Jazz Clubs

Cleveland Jazz Calendar – Update on the latest jazz shows in the great jazz city of Cleveland Ohio.

TampaJazz – Jazz updates in Tampa Bay, Florida

St. Louis Jazz – Jazz updates from St. Louis

Jazz@Rochester – Jazz updates from the great city of Rochester, New York

TheJazzHalf – Information on Jazz in Cincinnati, Ohio, our neighbors to the south. Great jazz city!

JazzinCincy – Another site dedicated to live show information for Cincinnati, Ohio.

San Jose Jazz – Jazz in San Jose California!

http://mcgjazz.org/ – Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild – Promoting Jazz in Pittsburgh

Smooth Jazz Calendar – Comprehensive listing of smooth jazz shows around the country.