Great Dining & Live Jazz at Barcelona Restaurant

Located in the middle of German Village, Barcelona has long been a destination for great dining in Columbus as well as a steadfast supporter of live jazz. The restaurant currently offers a weekly jazz performance each Sunday night at 7pm. We caught up recently with Guest Service Manager Tracey Hawkins via email to get more insight into their excellent combination of authentic Spanish cuisine and live jazz.

JazzColumbus (JC):How long has Barcelona hosted live jazz? And what spurred your decision to start hosting jazz?

Tracey Hawkins (TH): Barcelona has been providing jazz to our guests since the beginning. Eighteen years. Columbus had a need for live jazz venues. We have come a long way in eighteen years. We are currently not limiting ourselves to jazz. Our range is extensive and creative. We really have a place in our hearts for all of our musicians.

JC: Are there any past shows you recall as particularly memorable?

TH: Some shows prove to be more popular than others. Kelly Crum Delaveris did one of her last shows in Columbus at our restaurant. Tom Carroll and Andy Carlson always prove to be one of the house favorites. Sean Carney always adds a bit of his blues which typically brings down the house.

JC: What aspects of the restaurant make it a great setting for jazz?

TH: We enjoy the fact that we can offer music in a low-key, comfortable, and somewhat nostalgic setting. You can come in and enjoy dinner and still carry on a conversation. We also take pride in our excellent service and food. Music is a part of the perfect dinner.

JC: If a jazz fan out there is trying to decide where to eat on a Sunday night, why do you think they should choose Barcelona?

TH: Sunday evenings are special at Barcelona. Offering music to our guests as well as retail pricing for all of our wine list makes it just a wonderful experience for all of us.

JC: Thanks Tracey! Below is a listing of Barcelona’s Sunday night schedule for the remainder of the year, so make plans now for some great food and jazz over the holidays! Check their website for more information and to make reservations.

November 23rd: Andy Woodson and Michael Cox
November 30th: Clave Sonic
December 7th: Village Lights Celebration with Rachel Sepulveda
December 14th: The Paul Marsh Show
December 21st: Tom Carroll and Sean Carney
December 28th: Derek DiCenzo and Kris Keith
New Year’s Eve: Clave Sonic

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