It's Time for the Good Instrument Friends

Saxophonist Colin Martin, alongside a few of his closest friends, will spend his Friday night doing what he loves, playing Jazz, for the city of Columbus. At 10 p.m., Rumba, will welcome the “The Good Instrument Friends.” for a night of spontaneous collaboration and musicianship. The group describes their sound as “Jazz n Hip Hop with a heavy Space Music influence”.

Martin says the group will play scores entirely “inspired by the moment,” and he looks forward to spending the evening with his fellow musicians.

“All I can really say is that these people are my closest and dearest friends both on and off the bandstand. Most of us don’t get to play that often with each other, but in that lies an opportunity to come together in a very organic way,” Martin said. “I/We have love for one another and we share that feeling through music, so naturally, it’s these occasions that we look forward to and approach in honor of our brotherhood.”

The Good Instrument Friends include:
DeJai Washington-Drums & Bass
Aaron Quinn-Guitar
Jeffro Jamm-Moog
Colin Martin-Saxophone

Friday, February 24th
Rumba Cafe

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