Descendre Band Columbus Ohio

Descendre was formed in 2008 with the fortuitous gathering together of diverse musical forces. We seek to create and perform original music that represents a modern interpretation of the kind of music you may have heard on film soundtracks from the 1970’s or early 80’s. We use and infuse many elements and styles of music to create a musical event that’s epic and engaging. We find great inspiration and satisfaction in bringing as many polarities of listeners into our musical landscape.

Descendre is…

Adam Smith

The primary creative force behind Descendre, Adam is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and composer in a variety of genres including fusion, jazz, electro-acoustic, avant garde, and hard rock. Composing continuously since childhood, Adam possesses incredibly fine-tuned musical and performance senses and uses them to great effect, fully engaging the audience in the performance.

Adam currently records and tours with Deadsea (metal), Duo w/ German pianist Simone Wei├čenfels, and Wizards (avant-garde). Adam also is known for his live art sonic installations and performances. He has worked with many of Columbus’ fine art and experimental mixed media visionaries.

Adam’s extensive knowledge of, and experience with, analog synthesis and tape production allows him to offer many different and unique soundscapes to not only his music, but to many other musicians, artists, and media composers.

Justin Campbell

Justin Campbell is a superbly talented drummer, percussionist, and keyboardist with a knack for fusion constructs and an incredibly insightful ear. His signature smile and communication with the listener during live performances brings an element of energy and honesty to every performance. Justin also performs with Bum Wealthy, Trio of Fury and several other musical acts throughout the Midwest in an enormous variety of music.

Jim Tussing

Jim Tussing is a bassist, vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist and composer with over 20 years of musical performance and compositional experience. From roots developed in groove-oriented funk, Jim’s musical range extends to classical, rock and, yes, even pop! Performing live on bass, synthesizer, acoustic guitar and vocals, Jim opens the range of styles and musical statements that can be made in a live setting. Examples of his compositional spirit can be found in Descendre pieces like Sidewalk Candy.

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