The Phoenix Project
Ken Messer leads an exciting jazz group performing only original material here in Columbus. The members and instrumentation are Ken Messer, Saxophones, Theremin and Electronics, Ted Royalty, Vibes and Steel Pans, Stan Smith, Guitar; Brad Mellin, Five String Electric Cello; Steve Perakis, Bass.

Steve Perakis is well know as the leader of “Honk, Wail & Moan”. Stan Smith is well know as the jazz guitar instructor at Capital for many years. The Phoenix Project does a mixture of Fusion and Global musical forms that are all their own devising. You may consider “Weather Report” and “Step Ahead” as their influences but what their music is much broader based and not so easily defined. Check out pictures and music on their Facebook Page:

They have a CD available for free at the Columbus Metropolitan Library or you can buy it as a digital download at


  1. Saw them perform at Comfest today (6/29/13). Fantastic. Could have listened to them for another hour. Gotta find the CD.

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