JazzColumbus Is Here To Stay

Photographer: Gina Carter

Zakk: JazzColumbus has been a staple of the local scene ever since I moved here years ago. Although Andrew Patton is stepping down from his duties (that he amazingly ran by himself), I’m very happy and excited to take the reigns along with my great pal and colleague Alex Burgoyne. We’re lucky to be in a city that has such a deep history of high-level musicians, while still pushing new boundaries and breaking barriers at every turn. 

With all the changes that Columbus has seen (both good and bad), I think this new decade will see an age of prosperity for both the players and patrons of those in the jazz and improvised music communities. Alex and I are both products of our mentors, friends, and fellow musicians here, and we both hope to take our combined experiences and use them to serve the community by not only maintaining, but expanding the “JazzColumbus” footprint. 

Beyond updating you with an extensive calendar and our “Flashlighter” weekly column, I’m personally excited to bring more writers to the fold that will craft unique and personal stories for all to enjoy. Our plans for a podcast are also underway, which will be a good resource and outlet for long-form discussions on local musicians, the history of our great city, and what lies ahead for all of us. 

Thanks in advance to everyone who will support us, however you can, and I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments soon…until then, StaY JAZzyy (just kidding, please don’t ever say that)

Alex: Zakk is right, we’re really lucky to be in a place like Columbus. There’s a huge variety of music happening here, and lots of it is jazz or jazz adjacent. Our aim is to shine a light on the musicians, clubs and club owners, and audiences that make up our scene. Like Zakk said, there are a number of ways we’re planning to do that, and something I’d like to reiterate is how important it is for you to involve yourselves! Whether you’re a listener, a performer, a club owner, or a musical tourist looking for a new experience, we need your help painting the whole Columbus picture. Zakk and I “get out” pretty often to play and see live music, but we still only know about the gigs we know about, and the venues we’ve already been to. 

So if you’re a part of a community of musicians, or know about a club or an event that we haven’t written about, or that might be under-served somehow, let us know! 

ALSO! I’d like to take one more moment and thank Andrew Patton and Mark Subel for the job they did creating (Mark) and maintaining (Andrew) such a powerful and robust force for good in the Jazz community here in Columbus. We’re better because of the countless hours you put in, and the thankless effort you gave every week. Thank you for the spotlight you gave the Jazz musicians and local venues that make our city as spectacular as it is and thank you for your service!

Email us @ jazzcolumbus@gmail.com


JazzColumbus is a site that has served the greater Columbus area for many years now. Between the constantly updating calendar, interviews, reviews, news, and resources about specific venues and musicians…there’s a lot to keep up with. Now that Alex and I are putting our heads together about the future and vision of the site, we need your help! We are looking for anyone interested and experienced in helping out with the following:


You can help us out while in turn helping yourself out very easily by letting us know about your gigs…to keep the calendar up to date and accurate is a huge task, and we want to make sure everyone is represented. Please use our contact form to let us know about your next event, after all, it’s a free resource for promotion! If you feel you have an especially exciting occasion and want it featured in a “Flashlighter” weekly column, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. JazzColumbus strives to include as much music as possible that fits under the broad umbrella term of “Jazz”, so don’t be afraid to reach out about a show of any kind that you think may be applicable. 


We hope to have more written content, created by anyone that’s interested in putting their voice into Jazzcolumbus. Went to a great show recently, or have an interesting story to tell (relevant to the jazz scene in Columbus)? We want to hear it. The more personal, fun, and genuine, the better. 


One of our big goals for the next few months is giving the site and social media outlets a facelift, hopefully with a dedicated LOGO, graphics, redesigned website and media presence. Alex and I have worked in these areas before, but we could definitely use any help, pointers, or feedback! We also have an idea of having multiple use our instagram account, so you can post stories, pictures and clips from gigs around the city…if enough trusted people are in the circle then the account can have a comprehensive view of the sights and sounds that the city has to offer.


Do you just have a cool idea or thoughts on what you’d like to see happen moving forward? Please let us know! We want the community involved in every way, and don’t want to neglect any aspect of this site that could be useful for some. Drop us a line in our email or contact Zakk Jones // Alex Burgoyne. 

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