Join Derek DiCenzo for a Bastille Day Celebration at Dick’s Den

Bastille Day. French Revolution. Blood and Guts. Guillotine. Off with their heads. Let ’em eat Cake. Join Derek DiCenzo and other great Columbus jazz musicians for this annual Bastille Day event at Dick’s Den this Thursday, July 15th. All we have are musicians playing, singing, wonderful Jazz music, with vocals in French.

Yeah, that’s it. Live Band. Great musicians. Derek DiCenzo on guitar, Accordion, and singing IN FRENCH. Mark Flugge, keyboard; Terry Douds, bass; and Joe Ong on drums. And the regulars, of course.

Come. Dress-up, or not. You don’t know the French, til you’ve done Bastille Day at Dick’s Den.

Dick’s Den
2417 North High Street
Columbus, OH
Show Time: 10pm
$4 Cover

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