Live Jazz This Memorial Weekend

It’s the unofficial start to summer with Memorial Day weekend and that means more live jazz in Columbus. The festival season is right around the corner, but this weekend take in the sounds and sights of some of the best live jazz Columbus has to offer. Here’s the schedule:


The Soul – Dicks Den – 10pm
Richard LopezEddie Merlots – 6-8:30pm
Khasmir Jazz – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 6-8pm
Derek DiCenzoBarcelona – 7pm
Tim Cummiskey, Chris Berg & Jim Rupp – Worthington Inn – 7pm
Bobby Floyd Trio – Bexley Monk – 7:30pm
Mark Flugge Trio – Hyde Park – 7:30pm
Soul Derivative featuring Janeen Holmes – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 9:30pm
Bob Neidermeyer – Ravari Room


Bob Niedritter with Linda Dachtyl, Roger Hines, Aaron Scott – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Bobby Floyd – Bobby at the Lobby – 5:30pm
Fo Mo Deep – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 5:30pm
Louise Salvador – Haiku – 7pm
Pete Tender – Bexley Monk – 8pm
Adria – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 9:30pm


Gene Walker with Linda Dachtyl, Jerry Loos, Cary Dachtyl – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Kim Pensyl Trio – Polaris Grill – 11am – 1pm
John Boerstler Benefit Dinner – Alana’s Food and Wine – 4-8pm
Trista Hill – Harp – Barcelona – 7pm
Colin Martin Senior Jazz Recital – Hughes Hall (Ohio State) – 8-10pm
Hoo Doo Soul Band – Rumba Cafe – 10pm

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