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Live Jazz This Weekend

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by Mark Subel on February 5, 2010

There is plenty of live jazz this weekend in Columbus. Bundle up, and cozy up for some live jazz. Here is the schedule of events:


Joe Ong, Randy Mather, Jim Maneri and Roger Hines – Dicks Den – 10pm
Brian Michael Smith or Tim Magree – Bexley Monk
Dwight Lennox Trio – Worthington Inn – 7-10pm (CANCELLED due to Snowstorm)
Rich Lopez – Eddie Merlot – 7pm
Mark Flugge Trio – Hyde Park Restaurant – 7pm


Tom Davis – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Bobby FloydThe Lobby – 5:30pm
Sir James and Darchelle Williams – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 5:30-8:30pm
Rich Lopez – Worthington Inn – 7-10pm
Dejavu Latin Rhythms – Espresso Yourself Music Cafe – 7-9pm
Mark Flugge Trio – Bungalow Jazz – 8-11pm
Pete Tender – Bexley Monk – 8-11pm


Wally Mitchell – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Kim Pensyl Trio (Jazz Brunch) – Polaris Grill – 11am-1pm
Hoo Doo Soul Band – Rumba Cafe – 10pm

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