Live Jazz This Weekend

There is plenty of live jazz this weekend in Columbus. Bundle up, and cozy up for some live jazz. Here is the schedule of events:


Joe Ong, Randy Mather, Jim Maneri and Roger Hines – Dicks Den – 10pm
Brian Michael Smith or Tim Magree – Bexley Monk
Dwight Lennox Trio – Worthington Inn – 7-10pm (CANCELLED due to Snowstorm)
Rich Lopez – Eddie Merlot – 7pm
Mark Flugge Trio – Hyde Park Restaurant – 7pm


Tom Davis – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Bobby FloydThe Lobby – 5:30pm
Sir James and Darchelle Williams – Vonn Jazz Lounge – 5:30-8:30pm
Rich Lopez – Worthington Inn – 7-10pm
Dejavu Latin Rhythms – Espresso Yourself Music Cafe – 7-9pm
Mark Flugge Trio – Bungalow Jazz – 8-11pm
Pete Tender – Bexley Monk – 8-11pm


Wally Mitchell – Dick’s Den – 10pm
Kim Pensyl Trio (Jazz Brunch) – Polaris Grill – 11am-1pm
Hoo Doo Soul Band – Rumba Cafe – 10pm

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