Local Resident Serves Jazz For Breakfast

Jazz music has a long standing relationship with “house concerts.” For several decades, and thousands of miles, they have been used as an intimate venue for the sake of music. Becky Ogden, who will be running a “Jazz Brunch” out of her home this Sunday, says it all came about in a unique way.

The former OSU grad, and career music educator, Ogden said the music in her home was a perfect fit.
“The jazz brunch has a pretty short “history” It is just a way to fit into musicians’ busy schedules and provide an opportunity for folks to hear great jazz early in the day,” Ogden said. “I had presented jazz at Columbus Music Hall (my old business) for the last several years of its existence so when I moved the great piano to my house the annual Terry Waldo (ragtime pianist) birthday concert moved with it. And, it worked!”

Ogden, who enjoys sharing in the history of the practice, is excited for the upcoming performance.
“House concerts have been a long time tradition in the folk community and I found that jazz house concerts are presented in many cities across the United States,” Ogden said. “Hence, my occasional presentation of jazz in my home, a big old bungalow on the east side – with the name “Bungalow Jazz.” It is totally irregular, unofficial, and lots of fun for the musicians and the audience.”

Some who attend the event might even recognize a few faces.
“Most musicians are local but we also include our out of town friends when there is a strong link to our listening community,” Ogden said.

Despite the free music, the hostess explains there are a few “house rules” that apply.
“Musicians receive the door donation, it is BYOB, light snacks are provided but folks bring great food to share,” Ogden said.

She encourages all to attend but says keep your eyes peeled when arriving.
“While my home address is East Fifth Avenue, access is from one street south, Margaret,” Ogden said. “It’s a challenge to find but worth the search!”

This Weekend, Come for the Jazz Brunch with the Dave DeWitt Trio
Sunday, March 18, 11:30
Dave DeWitt, piano
Derek DiCenzo, bass
Aaron Scott, drums

BUNGALOW JAZZ is located at 2539 East Fifth Avenue in Columbus, between the intersection of I-670 with Fifth Avenue, and North Cassady Avenue.

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