Mambo & Cha-Cha-Cha: OSU School of Music Presents the Music of Cuba

Faculty from The Ohio State University along with several guest artists will explore and perform the music of Cuba in an event called “Hot Fun in the Wintertime”, at 8 pm Monday, January 13, in Weigel Hall Auditorium, 1866 College Rd. This is Columbus’ first and only charanga orchestra aptly named – La Charanga Tres. The group is led by flutist and faculty member Kristopher Keith. Band members include percussion faculty Joseph Krygier, congas; alumni Erin Gilliland, violin, and Chris Young, piano; and Capital University faculty Roger Hines, bass; Stan Smith, guitar; and Eric Paton, timbale.

According to Keith, the orchestra explores traditional Cuban music styles, such as the danzón, mambo, and cha-cha-cha, with the typical charanga orchestra instrumentation of flute, violin, bass, piano, and timbales, as heard by Cuban groups a century ago.

“In addition, we include the guitar and extra percussion such as congas and bongos not typically found in the early orchestras,” Keith explained. “La Charanga Tres also performs material outside of tradition, including music of Brazil and various modern Latin jazz composers and styles.”

Some of the selections the group will play include La Enganadora and Alardoso by Cuban violinist Enrique Jorrin; El Bodeguero by Cuban flutist Richard Egues; Almendra from the Orquesta Aragon library; Mambo by the famous Cuban bassist Israel “Cachao” Lopez; and Angoa by Cuban violinist Felix Reina.

Advance ticket sales available from the Ohio State Theatre Box Office at (614) 292-2295. Tickets also available at the door, open one hour prior to performance. For details go to

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