Mardi Gras Party with the New Basics Brass Band at Dick's Den

Everyone’s favorite New Orleans’ inspired brass band, the New Basics Brass Band, performs Tuesday night at Dick’s Den for Fat Tuesday. Get your Mardi Gras eats from Bryan Hartley’s Food Wagon which will be right outside Dick’s Den with a full menu of Nawlin’s goodies including: Red bean and rice with Andouille sausage, Carolina Pulled Pork with coleslaw, Creole Veggie Kabobs, and Creamy Pralines. Food starts at 8pm and the music begins at 10pm with the Brass Band. As Dick’s Den would say it:

“Bring beads, breasts, attitude, joy, peace, love, surliness, girliness, be silly, be proud, be damn glad you endured this winter … just come be yo seff … and have FUN. Why Not? “

Originally launched in 1995, the sousaphone-driven New Basics Brass Band layers jazz, R&B, New Orleans funk, and groove sounds to produce party music for the masses.

Mardi Gras at Dicks Den
Fat Tuesday, February 21st 10pm
Dick’s Den
2417 North High Street Columbus, OH 43202

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