Jaime C. Silva
Jaime C. Silva
Jaime C. Silva, is a jazz musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil relocated to Columbus. Jaime provides more background below..

I come from a family of musicians. My mother taught me classical piano at the age of seven. She has been a choir director and music teacher for over four decades. Even at an early age, I wanted to perform jazz and Bossa Nova, this is where I developed my skills for creative improvisation. At sixteen I composed gospel music. After that I expanded my music repertoire playing in several bands and doing solo performances. In my late twenties, I recorded jazz piano musical arrangements for CD demos and for song writers.

I enrolled at CIGAM Music School- (Centro Ian Guest de Aperfeiçoamento Musical) where I improved my skills in Jazz Harmony and Improvisation. I continued my music education at The Antonio Adolfo Music Technology School with studio recordings and musical composition.

I have also studied bass guitar, perfecting my left hand piano technique, and then played with several bands on the bass. In 2001 I relocated to Columbus, Ohio. Since then I have recorded, and I have performed in a number of group and solo projects in multiple types of music on bass and piano.

Jaime C. Silva on the Web: http://www.jaimelody.com/
Jaime C. Silva on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/silvajcmusic

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