Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton Jr is a local jazz guitarist who’s sound is infused with Soul, R&B, Blues, and Folk flavor. The result is a tastefully seasoned sense of rhythm, phrasing, improvisation, and a broad knowledge of chord voicings. Being from a very musical family, Mark has learned a wealth of knowledge from his uncles (bassist David Hampton and guitarist Chuck Hampton). His very first musical inspiration, however, came from his father, who introduced Mark to smooth jazz when he was a young child and eventually bought him his first guitar. When his father gave him recordings of George Benson and Earl Klugh, Mark’s playing began to soar. Mark values versatility and listens to many genres of music to maintain a creative ear. He has delivered quality guitar work for many local artists including pianist Hamilton Harden, singer Quan Howell, and trumpet player Corey Nathan Johnson. Mark continues to explore his instrument and seek growth as a musician.

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