Jon Lampley
Jon Lampley

Now based in New York City, American multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jon Lampley realized his love of music from a very young age. At 4 years old when he first felt the keys of a piano, it was clear that one day Jon would be sharing his music with the world. You could say that music runs in his blood—many members of his family are talented musicians, and Jon grew up listening to them play gospel music in church on Sunday mornings.

By the age of 12, this Tallmadge, Ohio native began to hone his musical abilities on the unlikely combination of trumpet and sousaphone, developing his tuba skills in school ensembles while continuing to perfect his trumpet-playing in church.

Jon continued his love of music by majoring in Jazz Studies at The Ohio State University, a school he long dreamed of attending. His father, Jonathan, often excused him from class in second grade so that they could make the trip to Columbus for weekends of Buckeye football.

At school, Jon’s major commitment was to The Ohio State University Marching Band, in which Jon played the sousaphone. In 2011, Jon had the honor of dotting the “i” during Script Ohio (considered the “greatest tradition in College Football history” by Sports Illustrated) at three different football games, including Ohio State’s last home game of the season.

Outside of the band, Jon continued to develop himself as a musician, studying with world class trumpet player/ composer/ arranger Kenyatta Beasley (a touring trumpet player who has shared the stage with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Prince, and more). In his playing, it is easy to hear the inspirations that have shaped Jon’s musical experience: his gospel church influence as well as the deep tradition that comes from studying the art of jazz music. In the future, Jon hopes to continue to play/ write music as well as tour, while having the ultimate goal of becoming a music instructor at the collegiate level.

As of now, Jon is a freelance musician, and plays with a variety of musical talents. He is a member of the Huntertones and has played with EOP (Evan Oberla Project). Jon is also the touring trumpet player for the platinum selling rock band Of A Revolution (O.A.R.).

Be on the lookout for this young, emerging talent on the jazz/pop/hip hop/rock scene.

Jon has shared the stage with:
O.A.R., Wyclef Jean, SOJA, Kelley James, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Sean Jones, Derrick Gardner, Bobby Sanabria, Jerome Jennings, Bobby Floyd, Kenyatta Beasley

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