Karla Kay has been memorizing lyrics, writing songs, and singing out loud, to the annoyance of her siblings, since age three. She spent her childhood summers in community theater in Athens, OH where her father was a long time Ohio University Art Professor and her mother taught various Communications courses. After completing her MPA at OU, she worked for many government agencies, usually as a Budget Officer or Management Analyst, and yet made time for singing and acting in every state she resided, including CA, NM, GA, FL, AK, VA. Most recently, while working in D.C. for three years, Karla Kay routinely sang Jazz, Great American Songbook, Soul, Pop, & Blues with local professional accompanists. Her highlight was the opportunity to sing with (& have recordings made with) the amazing Pianist, Robert G. Smith; the White House Pianist Emeritus, under six administrations! She then recorded a one-take vocal demo CD of multiple genres to capture her repertoire while she had access to the many amazing D. C. musicians. After returning to her existing home in Columbus, OH, she took a ‘sabbatical’ from work, invested the time, energy, and finances to focus on improving her vocals and created these two eclectic bands.

Karla Kay is still practicing, rehearsing, and jamming with the many expert musicians in Columbus, while continuing to visit and learn from the accompanists and other singers in the D.C. area.

Her larger band, Victorious KayBirds, performs at public venues, private events, weddings, festivals, and for one charity per month (free). Her smaller band, VKB-3, is performing at dinner music events, wineries, breweries, and wherever needed. Both bands adapt their set list to the venue or desires of the patron.

Karla Kay, as vocalist only, is also available on an ad-hoc, jump-in, basis for any group needing occasional vocals; when the 3 hours of instrumentals need some occasional lyrics!

Contact Info:

Phone: 614.353.7372
Email: karlakay1006@gmail.com
Victorious KayBirds Website: www.victoriouskaybirds.com
SonicBids EPK: www.sonicbids.com/band/victorious-kaybirds/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0XczEeLMqvS6nqFPCBITtA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VictoriousKayBirds/