New B3 Instructional DVD by Columbus' Own, Linda Dachtyl

Local B3 wizard Linda Dachtyl has released her first Instructional DVD on Tony Monaco’s Chicken Coup records. The DVD “Modes and Pentatonic Approach to Improvisation”, uses Freddie Hubbard’s “Little Sunflower” as a vehicle to teach pentatonic and modal concepts for organists at all levels and also to encourage any keyboardist interested in playing B3 in the traditional jazz style (carrying your own bass lines, etc.) a start along these lines. Other local B3 players Tony Monaco and Bobby Floyd have done similar instructional DVD’s while emphasizing their roots in jazz, blues, and gospel styles while Linda decided to emphasize her roots in rock and blues crossing over into jazz.

Linda explains:

I picked “Little Sunflower” as it is a tune with only three chord changes and allows the player to investigate both pentatonics and modal playing within the same tune, along with a simple bass line for left hand accompaniment. Since I came to B3 jazz organ originally from more of a rock/blues background as compared to Tony Monaco and Bobby Floyd, I decided to use a piece that would teach the concepts without a lot of fast chord changes and use concepts rock and blues players are already very familiar with. I also broke down a couple of quotes from Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman where the concepts can be applied if the player wishes to do this as these players were influential on my playing when I started out as were Lee Michaels, Jon Lord, Goldy McJohn, Greg Rollie, etc.etc.. All these players still are and over the years I have added many jazz organists to my influences and continue to.

Linda Dachtyl continues the Columbus tradition of B3 education along with Tony Monaco and Bobby Floyd. Tony has been a pioneer in B3 education and has several DVDs that have been released over the last several years including his recent “Blues 102” which takes the blues from the usual three chords to advanced substitutions used in advanced bebop blues along the lines of Charlie Parker.

Bobby Floyd’s DVD which is still in production, utilizes his many years of experience in playing gospel and the crossover to jazz organ.

Linda’s Instructional DVD “Modes and Pentatonic Approach to Improvisation” is now available for aspiring B3 players. Linda also offers you her latest CD on Chicken Coup Records “For Hep Cats” as a package along with her new DVD. Purchase both from:

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