NYC Based Natura Morta with Aaron Quinn & Ryan Jewell

Brooklyn based Natura Morta will perform live in Columbus Thursday March 22nd at Wild Goose Creative. The band features Frantz Loriot on viola with Sean Ali on bass and Carlo Costa on drums. Natura Morta is a trio for viola, bass and drums dedicated to exploring musical structures and relationships through collective all-acoustic improvisation. The NYC-based ensemble creates acoustic sound-sculptures and sonic landscapes through the use of nontraditional techniques and instrumental preparations. The musical range of the trio stretches from heated silences to relentless drones to frantic hyperactivity. Natura Morta crafts a single sound into a stillness that gains density and momentum from an unwavering insistence upon non-development. It’s music is an experience that traumatizes as it soothes, cleanses as it soils, and wounds as it heals.

Show Organizer Gerard Cox mentions:

“Viola of course is pretty uncommon and Frantz has a compelling approach that is qualitatively different from how folks like Leroy Jenkins or Billy Bang have played improv Violi n.”

The show will begin promptly at 8pm with a set by local Columbus duo Aaron Quinn (guitar) and Ryan Jewell (drums). A suggested donation of $5-$10 is welcome.

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Video Performance of Natura Morta

BaLoNi at NewAdits Festival 2010 by re1of5de643s2wsd

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