Ohio Jazz History Project, You Can Vote..

Please help the Ohio Jazz community win $25,000 from Pepsi to create and maintain an online database about Jazz history in Ohio.

Sponsored by the Arts Foundation Of Olde Towne who have brought you Hot Times Festival, Listen for the Jazz jams, books and CDs, and the History of Jazz in Ohio shown at the Ohio Historical Society a few years ago. Here is their website:


AFOOT is a Community based, all volunteer driven, Arts & Humanities incubator. Projects include: Listen For The Jazz: Keynotes in Columbus History Listen For the Jazz: Ohio Swings! Hot Times Community Arts & Music Festival The Columbus Children’s Parade

This project will let us take the Ohio Jazz archives to the world via the Internet. Please help make it happen.

Vote Daily! Ends July 31.

Here is the link to vote for the jazz grant running on Pepsi Refresh right now – we need hundreds of votes and you can vote every day –


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