Open Letter From Jazz 102.1 FM Radio

A message from the team at Jazz 102.1 FM….


I hope this message finds you well.  I’m Sax Johnson, Station Manager for Jazz 102.1 FM Radio, your local non-commercial community jazz radio station based here in Columbus.  As one of our city’s talented musicians and/or member of a local group, I’m writing you to introduce Jazz 102.1 FM, WCRX-LP.  There is a good possibility you are familiar with our station and perhaps, an even greater possibility that you are not.  Jazz 102.1 is run completely by our volunteer staff.  We are a low power radio station yet, our signal is received in many parts of the Columbus area.  We share the frequency with a separate company and broadcast 12 hours a day between 3 a.m. and 3 p.m., seven days a week.  We hope to one day have the ability to broadcast 24 hours a day and are working to strengthen our signal and increase our coverage area.  For now, it is a good start in providing jazz music over the airwaves.

Our station has dedicated itself to insure that jazz music continues to survive and grow here in Columbus and the surrounding area.  In doing so, it’s our mission and goal to support you, your group, your fans, our venues, help garner engagement opportunities inherent to that support, as well as to provide our listeners with an opportunity to buy and enjoy your music, live performances and the talent you provide.  Together, we must work to do so, as no man is an island.  If you happen to have recorded music, whether available to the general public or not, you’ll find that we play your music regularly everyday.  People from around the country and beyond have discovered our station and listen to us via the web regularly as well.

Jazz 102.1 needs your help and here’s how you can help us, help you.  Visit and peruse our website at  I suggest you visit our Playlist Page at ( ), our Event Page at ( ), and our Local Artist page at ( ).  If you agree with what we are doing and what we’re about, I’m asking you individually, to take a moment to sign our online petition to help us keep jazz on Jazz 102.1 FM (No monetary contribution should be made once you sign the petition. Contributions do not go to our station, but rather to the petition company, which is not required).  You may also make any comments or suggestions; then even more important, contact or forward this message to other members of your group, family, friends associates and other musicians you know and ask them to sign our petition as well as to begin to listen to our station during our regular over-the-air broadcasts or via our website.

Last, if you have recorded music available and find that we do not have any of your music in our music library, please provide us with some of your work.  We’d also welcome you to visit us and arrange to create a promo for the station.  Thank you in advance for your consideration, support and for allowing us to brew jazz just the way you like it!



Sax Johnson
Station Manager
Jazz 102.1 FM, WCRX-LP

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  1. Please keep us informed of Jazz 102.1 FM. Thank you.

    The Branch-Hill Connection. Michael Branch-Sax/John Hill-Trumpet

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