Pete Mills 5-tet Plays Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil"

On Thursday, January 16th, at 9pm, Natalie’s will host the debut of Pete MillsSide One Series. This will be an ongoing series at Natalie’s where Mills’ quartet will celebrate the music from a historic album or artist, usually with the help of a special guest (making the band a “5-tet”). The first album they are tackling is Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil, with the help of guest trumpeter Dwight Adams. This 1965 album is one of the true Blue Note classics, featuring a legendary lineup weaving a mix of hard bop and modal jazz.

As Pete told me via email, “We will be playing music from the entire record and it’s going to be great fun! We will play the music with a few of our own twist and turns. Part of the idea is to get the audience interested in the music beforehand so they can listen to the record and celebrate the music with us.”

Band Lineup:
Pete Mills, tenor sax
Erik Augis, piano
Chris Berg, bass
Zach Compston, drums
Special guest: Dwight Adams, trumpet

Here’s a video of the title track to get you warmed up:

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