RFG Quintet CD Release Party This Saturday

This Saturday, July 3rd, local jazz group RFG Quintet will officially release their new album, “May Your Vice Be Nice” with a live show at the Rumba Cafe. Local groove/funk jazzers “Playhouse” will join the RFG Quintet. CD’s will be available at the show for $10 or $5 if you were at their CD benefit show or picked up a Comfest pre-release.

The RFG Quintet is comprised of Evan Oberla on trombone, Matteo Amburgy on the keyboards and organ, Nathan Smith on the bass, Maxwell Button on the drums, and Kevin O’Neill on saxophone and flute. This band is the culmination of 4+ years of growth, with a mantra to always play new music and recreate older music with a fresh touch that is molded by the individual voices in the band. After 4+ years together, the band has become very tight, playing off each other’s ideas naturally, a testament to the maturity and talent that these musicians possess.

RFG Quintet CD Release Party
Saturday, July 3rd
10pm – 2am
Rumba Cafe
2507 Summit Street
Columbus, OH
(614) 268-1841

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