RFG Quintet Live Recording at Ruby's

The RFG Quintet will be performing this Friday at Ruby’s on Summit for a live recording for an upcoming CD. If you dig the sounds of live jazz and want your claps, shouts and screams on a live recording for until the end of time, this would be a great show to attend. The RFG Quintet hosts a weekly jazz jam at Ruby’s every Tuesday. Here is the message from the band. Quite cosmic:

This Friday, January 29th is a Date in Time. On this Date in Time, you shall be summoned by an Inner Urge.
This Inner Urge will guide you to Ruby’s. Once at Ruby’s, you will participate in a Freedom Jazz Dance. While in what some may harshly call a “Dance of the Infidels” , a feeling of Rapture will overcome you. And with all of this, You, and the Night, and the Music shall reign forevermore in your majestic Street of Dreams.

Plus, it’s a LIVE recording. That means all yer clappin and hootenannyin’ will go on the record will be heard round the world.

RFG Quintet:

Evan Oberla-trombone
Kevin O’Neill-sax&flute
Matteo Amburgy-keys
Nate Smith-bass
Max Button-drums
Josh Smith-trumpet on Hipnosis, Upgrade, and Mahjong

Show: 10pm to 2am
Cost: $5
Ruby Tuesday
1978 Summit St.
Columbus, OH

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