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Rorschach Quartet Benefit Show at Brothers Drake

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by Andrew Patton on May 27, 2015

The June 3rd installment of the always entertaining Jazz Wednesdays series at Brothers Drake will be even more special than usual. Local group Rorschach Quartet, who were very entertaining the last time I saw them play at the meadery, will perform from 8 to 11pm, but the gig will also be a donation drive for charity. The group is looking to collect mp3 players and iTunes cards to benefit the National Music & Memory program, along with local nursing facility Bennington Glen, as part of an effort to provide music therapy to Alzheimer’s patients. There will be a table setup at the show to collect donations and provide more information. If you would like to help this important work but can’t make the show, you can contact the group through this page. Keep reading for more details from Rorschach leader Brian Lang:

My group the Rorschach Quartet is working to gather donated ipods, mp3 players, or iTunes cards for patients of a nursing facility here called Bennington Glen and also the National Music & Memory program. The organization’s mission is to help prevent memory loss and restore memory in Alzheimer’s patients. There is research that shows the demonstrable impact that treating patients using music therapy that includes songs that they grew old listening to can have in restoring memory and reducing further loss. We need donations of USED ipods particularly ipod shuffles (or others) or even new iPods and iTunes gift cards that can be purchased through your grocery store or through us for as low as $10. Here are further examples:

$30 buys 30 special songs (the amount usually bought for one patient with their own playlist)
$50 buys an iPod Shuffle + headphones
$75 buys a complete set-up + music for one person
$250 buys 5 iPod Shuffles, changing 5 lives


Brian Lang and the Rorschach Quartet is sponsoring a drive at Brothers Drake on June 3rd from 8-11pm. We will have a table there with information and will be collecting donations. Please also contact us if you or someone you know has an OLD DEVICE or if you want to purchase a $10 gift card or more for a patient.

Facebook page for the band: https://www.facebook.com/RorschachQuartet
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/367417880112606/
National Organization Website: http://musicandmemory.org/

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