Sadly, the Bexley Monk Closing Its Doors

A landmark in Columbus and certainly in Bexley, the Bexley Monk is closing its doors this weekend after 26 years in business. In a report by This Week News, General manager Remo Stirpe said,

“I don’t know what to say about the closing of the restaurant. We have not been doing any business for the last five years.”

According to the report, Stirpe said recent reports that Capital University was interested in acquiring the Bexley Square shopping center where the restaurant is located and converting it to campus uses helped them reach the decision to close. He said those rumors had also affected the business.

Bexley Mayor John Brennan said he was saddened by the loss of the Monk.

“It is a great restaurant,” he said. “I think it has fallen on hard times due to the economy. It is a loss for the community. They tried to keep it afloat for several years.”

The Bexley Monk helped support the Columbus Jazz scene, regularly schedule jazz shows each week throughout the years. I know many local jazz musicians that will be saddened by the news after years of performing at this Columbus institution. Let’s all tip our hat to the Bexley Monk for its fine contribution to the Columbus Jazz community! Please leave a comment to show your support of the Bexley Monk’s service over the past 26 years…

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  1. I used to live is Columbus and thought that the Monk was one of the best things about Columbus. Last time I was there, i had great food and heard the World Jazz Trio. This is a loss for Columbus

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