Sax Entertainment Music Academy Announces Its 2010-2011 “Give Back And Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative” Scholarships

Sax Entertainment Music Academy announces its partnership with Columbus City Schools to provide private instrumental and vocal music lesson scholarships to Columbus City School students.

Sax Entertainment Music Academy provides private and group vocal and instrumental music lessons to students and adults of all ages in Columbus and Central Ohio. Our multilingual faculty of more than 15 degreed and professional instructors with national and international credentials helps students experience the joy and pleasure of music. To meet the cultural and linguistic demands of the students, in addition to English, the Academy’s teachers can converse with students in Spanish, French and German.

As concerned parents and educators, we realize that there are a number of school age children that have musical talent who participate in school music programs and because of current economic conditions, do not have the opportunity to increase their musical skills through private music lessons.

We are pleased to announce a special partner project with the Columbus City Schools and Sax Entertainment Music Academy. In conjunction with the Columbus City Schools, we have created the “Give Back and Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative”, which provides reduced fee, partial and full music scholarships for private vocal and instrumental music lessons to students that qualify and elect to participate in such a program.

We are implementing a Pilot Program to provide private music lessons to students of 13 Columbus City Schools. Over the course of the 2010-2011 school year, in three separate sessions of 3 months in duration, we will provide full vocal and instrumental music scholarships, consisting of 12 weekly private lessons, to multiple students in each of the 13 pilot schools. Each school will select 3 or 4 students per session. Over the course of the school year, approximately 186 students, comprised of 162 instrumentalists and 24 vocalists, will receive full scholarships. Reduced fee lessons will also be available to all other students who wish to sign up and receive private and/or group lessons.

The pilot school’s teachers and/or school administrators will identify students that currently participate in their school’s instrumental music programs using existing information maintained in the school’s information records. In offering this program, we will provide this assistance to those students that are identified to qualify for such help. The teachers have expressed their appreciation and have embraced this program. They believe the students will greatly benefit from this private instruction.

Scholarship lessons for Session 1 begins Monday, September 20, 2010. Upon completion of the lessons, there will be a concert for family and friends at a venue to be announced in the future.

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  1. What I wouldn’t have given as a school-age musician starting out, to have such a programme as this to turn to. All the very best of luck to the project.

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