Secret Keeper at Natalie's

You can see Secret Keeper, made up of Mary Halvorson on the guitar and Stephan Crump playing acoustic bass, on Sunday, June 14th at 8pm at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza (tickets available here). The duo is promoting their newest release Emerge, the recent follow-up to their well received debut, Super Eight. Both have performed separately in Columbus in the recent past; Halvorson with her quintet and Crump with the Vijay Iyer Trio, both at the Wexner Center. Crump has been working with Iyer since 1999 and is perhaps best known for his work with the trio. He is also a part of the Rosetta Trio, the Jen Chapin Trio, and an all bass quartet in addition to beginning his solo career in 2009. Halvorson is highly respected as an improvisational guitarist, once hailed by City Arts as “NYC’s least predictable improviser,” and the list of bands she leads and performs with is longer than that of Crump’s. The two met in 2011 and released Super Eight two years later. The first album is a documentation of the first time the two ever played together, no planning or writing, just a session that was luckily recorded. The new album Emerge is said to be a different take on the collaboration, with Crump saying that the duo is operating on a “whole new level.” Don’t miss the chance to catch two of New York’s most in demand musicians right here in Columbus. Keep reading for video of the two in action:

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