The Good Instrument Friends Go To Burning Man at Dick’s Den

The Good Instrument Friends return to Dicks Den this Saturday, August 20th for the last show from this project for a while as indicated by their Facebook page. The Good Instrument Friends are a sort of “collective membership” style group with a core group of members but may rotate a number of musicians in at each performance. Their self-coined style is “Jazz n Hip Hop with a heavy Space Music influence”. The show is entitled “The Good Instrument Friends Go To Burning Man”. This show will feature:

Robert Riley – drums
Doni Jai – bass
Aaron Quinn – guitar
Colin Martin – sax
B-Jazz – keys
Tino Casanova – percussion

“There is so much life in music. It breathes, it feels, it loves and it is loved. Music is our friend, and like all of our friends, it has something to offer, something to learn from. Let our music inspire the people to be wealthy with friendship.”

The Good Instrument Friends
Dick’s Den
August 20th
10pm – 2am
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