The Good Instrument Friends Return to Dick’s Den This Wednesday

In the absence of Christian Howes who is on tour, Dick’s Den will be welcoming The Good Instrument Friends this Wednesday November 17th and the following Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve. The Good Instrument Friends are a sort of “collective membership” style group with a core group of members but may rotate a number of musicians in at each performance. Their self-coined style is “Jazz n Hip Hop with a heavy Space Music influence”. The core group includes:

Adam Smith – Moog/percussion
Jeffro Jam – Moog/talkbox/light show and incense
Brandon B-Jazz Scott – Keyboards
Rob Riley – Drums
Colin Martin – Saxophones

Other performers include:

Roger Hines – Acoustic Bass
Scott Gold – Elektric Bass
Evan Oberla – Trombone
Josh Smith – Trumpet

The Good Instrument Friends
Dicks Den
November 17th and November 24th
9:30pm – 2am

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