Tom Davis – Home

Local guitarist Tom Davis is celebrating the US release of his new trio album Home with a special quartet performance at Dicks Den on Thursday, October 2nd at 10pm. Davis will perform the album’s compositions (along with a mix of other originals and some choice standards) with bassist Greg Wolfram, drummer Maxwell Button, and special guest tenor saxophonist Pete Mills, who will add a new dimension to the material. The album itself was written and recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland, this past December with bassist Ed Kelly and drummer Davide Rinaldi, two of Davis’ favorite collaborators from his time at the University of Edinburgh. As a trio of foreign musicians (USA, Ireland, and Italy) on Scottish soil, the title is a reflection on the many meanings of “home.” The music therein certainly sounds like three kindred spirits who feel at home whenever they perform together, resulting in a pleasing collection of guitar trio tunes with exciting twists.

The album gets off to a soulful groove with uptempo opener “Kenny, Ken,” the title of which is a play on Scottish slang. The proceedings slow down on “Bluebird,” a mellow number with a bossa nova undercurrent and delicate interplay between the musicians. “Aye Love, I” picks up the tempo and mood and features fine solos from all members of the trio. Ballad “I Can’t Remember” is filled with Davis’ intricate solo work, while “Kagome” uses a subdued intro to ease into a lilting guitar melody with strong rhythmic underpinnings by the bass and drums. Rinaldi’s drum fill opens “Koshka’s Delight,” an easygoing melody that is strung along by alternating time signatures before settling into a moderate gait for brief solos for the entire group. “Where Are You Without A Song?” hearkens back to the standards of the past with a friendly tone and some subdued reflections by Davis. “One for BG” closes the album with a bluesy chorus that alternates between guitar and bass. Though a collection of the mostly mellower side of the guitar trio sound, the album succeeds by exploring various speeds, styles, and moods within that context, giving the listener a diverse take on present day guitar repertoire with support by a very skillful rhythm section.

Home is now available digitally here, and physical copies will be available Thursday. Below is a video of the opening track to whet your appetite:

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