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Tony Monaco Now Offering Lessons Online

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by Mark Subel on March 1, 2011

Due to popular demand, Local B3 organ great Tony Monaco is now offering lessons live online. From Tony – “Over the years I’ve had so many students approach me regarding giving lessons Live online. With the help of one of my eager students’ IT expertise, I can now effectively teach you live, one on one, and you don’t even have to have an organ. Of course I love to teach and will teach any keyboard player. If you want to do it using an organ or organ sound, I have the solutions ready and all you need is a 61 note midi keyboard, a computer and the internet! All the sounds will come from your computer. Here are the links to the explanation videos.

If you are interested in live online lessons with Tony, just email Tony at TonyMonacoLessons@gmail.com

Tony Monaco Live Online Lessons Setup – Video

Visit Tony on the web for more details: www.B3Monaco.com

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