Trombonist Evan Oberla Back with a New Group

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Columbus Trombonist Evan Oberla out and about. This past summer Evan toured as part of the horn section of the popular band O.A.R and now Evan is back in Columbus performing with a variety of bands. This Wednesday Evan makes his return to the one and only Dick’s Den to perform with a new arrangement of players. You may remember Evan’s “RFG Quintet” from last year and his weekly jazz jam. The group performing this Wednesday is an entire new cast of members and an exclusive new look at things to come. The group consists of:

Jon Lampley: Trumpet/Sousaphone/etc
Jack Menkedick: Alto/Bari Sax/etc
Tim Magree: Keys/Bass/etc
Jake Levy: Drums/Perc/etc
Justin Campbell: Drums/Perc/etc
Evan Oberla: Trombone/Synth/etc

Evan says of the group and roles of the band:

“I say etc to mean I’m not quite sure what else will happen and what roles will be filled that night. We are gonna have a lot of fun and see what happens. It should prove to be quite exciting! We do have special guests coming to help us out as well, but you gotta come to find out who.”

Evan Oberla and Friends
Wednesday, January 11
9pm to 2am
Dick’s Den
2417 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

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